With "Riverdale" recently returning from their midseason break, many fans are eagerly awaiting the next episode. The show has an extremely large fan base (2.3 million people tuned in the for the season 2 premiere). Although the characters in this popular show may be in high school, many of the viewers are not. Those over 21 may be looking to add another element of fun to the show. When the next episode airs, grab some friends, grab your favourite drink, and get ready to play the ultimate Riverdale drinking game.

The Rules: 

Take a drink whenever Jason makes an appearance

Although the show may (Spoilers!) begin with Jason's death, that doesn't stop him from appearing in a multitude of later episodes. Keep your eyes peeled for this ginger heartthrob and have that drink at the ready. 

Sip when maple syrup is brought up

Maple syrup plays a rich role in the town of Riverdale's history, so it certainly deserves a mention. If you're watching episode 9 of the first season, I'd have quite a few drinks on hand if you want to keep up. If you're really adventurous, you can even chug maple syrup for this one. 

Waterfall when Jughead narrates/ monologues

Jughead certainly loves his monologues. Whether he's on screen or off, keep on going 'til his voice stops. Bonus points if it's for his "I'm a weirdo" monologue (if you're in for a real laugh, watch Dan Howell's iconic version). It's okay, Jughead, we love you even if wearing your hat all the time is a little weird. 

Drink every time you hear "Archiekins"

This cute fella certainly isn't lacking a cute nickname. Adding -kins to the end of Archie's name (and other names) is a Riverdale speciality. Bonus points if you drink when the other characters get a -kins as well. (i.e. Pollykins). It's too bad that the cute nickname doesn't work for everyone. 

Sip when Betty digs her fingernails into her palm

Although Betty may play sweet and innocent, her dark side is continuously revealed throughout the story. She tries to keep it in, which makes this fist her signature move. Drink whenever you see it. 

Take a shot when somebody gets shot

Riverdale has more than its fair share of violence, and it wouldn't be a Riverdale drinking game without shots. If somebody gets shot, it's time to take a shot. This can include actively seeing someone get shot on the show or just a revelation that someone's been shot. 

Drink whenever people sing

With Josie and the Pussycats as well as Archie's interest in music, Riverdale can almost be considered a musical. Bonus points if you sing along with the characters.

Sip when the characters have Milkshakes at Pop's

Just because you don't have your own milkshake doesn't mean you can't drink with the characters. If you're going real hardcore, you can drink whenever Pop's is even mentioned. 

Riverdale may be fun to watch on its own, but adding friends and drinks can make an amazing experience unforgettable (assuming you don't go overboard). Follow the rules of this Riverdale drinking game or even add some of your own to be ready for any new episode that may come out or to go rewatch some of your favourites.