As much as we all love the idea of throwing classy soirées with wines perfectly matched to assorted fancy cheeses, the unfortunate reality is that we’re college students. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on the wonderful world of pairings. We’ve created the definitive list of college pairings to add to that air of sophistication to your parties and, frankly, lessen the burn of some of some of those less desirable BYOB staples.

Gin and Nilla Wafers


Photo courtesy of cyclonebill on Flickr

Although somewhat unpopular among college students due to its uniquely bitter profile, classic gin can be mellowed out with the sweet vanilla flavor of eight-year-old you’s favorite snack cracker.

Tequila and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos


Photo by Elizabeth Layman

The best way to distract your taste buds from one burning sensation is to replace it with an even hotter one, right? In any case, spicy Cheetos will take your mind off your throat’s rawness for a least a couple of minutes, plus they’re downright delicious on their own.

Light rum and chips and salsa


Photo by Kristen Yang

Light rum can be quite refreshing when pounded straight, so couple it with some equally refreshing tortilla chips and (ideally freshly made) salsa.

Dark rum and gummy bears


Photo courtesy of Rene Schwietzke on Flickr

This may seem unexpected, but hear me out: dark rum actually has an enjoyable flavor, so instead of masking it, enhance it with some fruity gummy bears. Pineapple- or orange-flavored dark rum, anyone?

Vodka and chocolate-covered fruits


Photo by Abigail Wilkins

Vodka on its own is pretty boring, but it’s the perfect way to booze up your favorite flavor of Brookside chocolate (or, if you’re feeling creative, chocolate-dipped strawberries).

Fireball and cheddar and sour cream chips


Photo by Scott Harrington

Cinnamon is an odd flavor to pair with, but never fear going the savory route with some deliciously crunchy cheddar and sour cream chips. Satisfy your stomach and mask the burn.

Whiskey and Funyuns


Photo courtesy of Sam Howzit on Flickr

Whiskey is from the South, so its perfect match is obviously something fried, no? Funyuns are an ideal complement – their savory onion flavor highlights the complexity of a good whiskey.

Feeling parched? These boozy solutions are sure to quench your thirst: