After a survey of students in combination with sweaty hours of deliberation by our Spoon Emory Writing Team we have come up with the all star line up of the best places to eat and drink on (and around) Emory’s Campus.

1. Pizza craving: Antico

eating at emory

Photo By Blake Weingord

Whether you’re craving a traditional pizza or an exotic white pizza, Antico will have all of the above. It has delicious red-sauce pizzas, such as their margherita pizza and their lasagna pizza with meatballs, as well as bomb white-sauce, interesting pizzas, like their capricciosa pizza with artichoke, mushroom, prosciutto, and buffalo mozzarella.

What to get: literally any of their pizzas, but our personal favorite is the Sophia (The House Specialty)

Location: 1093 Hemphill Ave, ATL, GA, 30318

2. Drunchies at 2 am: Steak and Shake

eating at emory

Photo courtesy of @alexainwanderlust on instagram

This is literally the spot to be after a long night out after Mags. They have just about anything fried that you’ll be craving after being drunk and/or tired at the end of the night. Plus, their seasoning is always  a dank touch.

What to get: cheese fries, burgers, milkshakes, and/or wings

Location: 662 Asbury Circle, Atlanta, GA 30322

3. Quick Lunch: Cox

eating at emory

Photo By Zoe Katsamakis

Cox always gets the job done between classes. They have so many stations with different options, guaranteed for you to enjoy something for a quick lunch.

What to get: salad, burrito bowl, tacos, make your own pasta

Location: On Emory’s campus in Cox Hall

4. Mexican craving: Taqueria Del Sol

eating at emory

Photo By Cayla Bamberger

Everyone occasionally has a guac and taco craving, and if you do, Taqueria Del Sol is the perfect place for you. They’re cheap, not far from campus, and will satisfy your Mexican craving for sure.

What to get: Guac or salsa trio, fish tacos, veggie taco

Location: 359 W Ponce de Leon Ave, Decatur, GA 30030

5. Health Kick: Kale Me Crazy

eating at emory

Photo By Emily Goldner

Kale Me Crazy is the place to go if you want to overdose on fresh smoothies, juices and kale all while scoring an amazing Instagram photo.

What to get: açai bowl, quinoa bowl, green dream or recovery smoothie, and kale salad

Location: 7 locations open

6. The Morning After: Rise N Dine

eating at emory

Photo By Katie Chang

Emory students’ favorite brunch right in no other than Emory Village. It’s great that Emory has brunch places nearby campus, whether it’s in the village or in Emory Point. Rise N Dine has just about anything a brunch-lover could want, and it’s just a ten minute walk max from just about anywhere.

What to get: French toast with chocolate chips, omelette, bagel with lox, bottomless iced coffee (#SpoonTip order coffee/drinks right when you give your name)

Location: Emory Village

7. Sushi craving: Thaicoon

eating at emory

Photo By Carly Zaladonis

Only a five minute drive from campus, Thaicoon is 100% the best option for sushi (they even deliver). They have all the rolls you could want, and amazing Thai/Malaysian food too.

What to get: Tuna tartare, curry chicken, sashimi roll ,avocado or seaweed salad.

Location: 1799 Briarcliff Rd NE

8. Night out: Maggie’s Neighborhood Bar and Grill

eating at emory

Photo courtesy of Her Campus Emory

According to our sources, night out at emory isn’t complete without Mags. Are you surprised? We weren’t. Who wouldn’t want to pay a visit to our favorite neighborhood bar and grill to see all of our emory pals.

What to get: your drink of choice or if you’re there early enough to get something to eat, well just get anything fried (the pickles are actually lit)

Location: Toco Hills Shopping Centre, 2937 N Druid Hills Rd, NE, Atlanta, GA 30329

9. Ice cream/Froyo: Yogurt Tap

eating at emory

Photo By Brittany Gelman

You’ve never tasted good frozen yogurt until you tasted Yogurt Tap’s froyo. It’s the perfect temperature so that when it comes out of the machine, it’s cold enough that it doesn’t melt right away, but not too cold that it has crystalized ice throughout it.

What to get: almond butter, salted caramel, graham cracker, or tarte froyo, and any of your favorite toppings (fruit, coconut, brownie bits, candy, granola…)

Location: 419 Church Street Decatur GA 30030

10. Sweet tooth: Ali’s Cookies

eating at emory

Photo by Brittany Gelman

Just about anything at Ali’s Cookies is amazing to give you the perfect sugar rush if you constantly have a major sweet tooth like I do.

What to get: cookie cake, ice cream cookie sandwich (#SpoonTip ask them to warm the cookie for you)

Location: 1561 North Decatur Road, Atlanta, GA 30307