If you’re anything like us, your motivation for trekking out to the Midwest’s largest Mardi Gras parade on Soulard is the opportunity to splurge on festive foods. Here is your handy guide to all the yummy drunk-eats that you absolutely must try while you’re at the parade.

1. Mission Taco

Courtesy of instagram.com/tailsandtizers

You may have gone to the one on the Loop, but did you know there’s one on Soulard too? With a diverse taco menu ranging from the Baja Fish Taco to Mofu Tofu, there’s something for everyone in your group to enjoy.

2. Fleur De Lilies

Courtesy of instagram.com/lvanquaethem

Craving some authentic Creole food with an Asian flavor? Head over to Fleur De Lilies for anything from frog legs to eggplant Creole. If that’s too adventurous for you, their brunch menu features a skillet breakfast and salads.

3. Mollys in Soulard

Courtesy of instagram.com/eatthelou

This is the perfect New Orleans themed restaurant, featuring a bar and outdoor seating. There’s no better place to grab a Mardi Gras-inspired meal of alligator rangoons or jambalaya.

4. Pizzeoli

Courtesy of instagram.com/pizzeoli

There’s nothing better than a mouth-watering slice of amazing wood-fired pizza to satisfy all of your drunk cravings. Definitely make sure to stop by this restaurant on Soulard on your Mardi Gras food crawl.

5. Soulard Gyro and Deli

Courtesy of instagram.com/soulard_gyro

In the mood for something Mediterranean? Look no farther than Soulard Gyro and Deli – a Greek and American restaurant with wraps, sandwiches, and salads.

6. Pekara Bread Bakery

Courtesy of instagram.com/pekara_bakery

If you have a sweet tooth, this is the perfect bakery to indulge at. Originally opened in Champaign, IL, this bakery has everything Mardi Gras-themed that you could possibly desire.


Contributing Author: Anagretel Lozano