It’s that time of year again. It’s March Madness, and it’s culminating this weekend. You’ve either followed every game and have been planning out your bracket for months, or you just can’t avoid everyone else talking about it non-stop. Best of luck if your team is still in it to win it, and if not, here’s another reason why you should read on: the ultimate Final Four drinking game to get you through this last weekend of Madness.

This is the game you need to be playing when you sit down to watch the athletes on the court. It doesn’t matter if you’re the most dedicated fan, or if every team you had in your Final Four is already eliminated. Grab yourself a Solo cup, sit down on the couch with some friends and get ready for the drinking game that’s going to change the way you watch college basketball forever.

Take a sip if…

  • Someone makes a three-pointer
  • Someone dunks
  • Someone makes two free throw shots in a row
  • A coach yells at the referee
  • There’s a change in the lead score of the game
  • Someone checks his or her bracket
  • Anyone you’re watching with stands up in response to a call made
drinking game

Photo by Judy Holtz

Take a drink if…

  • The game is tied
  • Someone says “bracket buster”
  • Someone refers to a lower ranked seed as “Cinderella”
  • Anyone you’re watching with asks what teams are still left in the tournament
  • Anyone you’re watching with asks a technical question about basketball
  • You check your own bracket while watching the game
  • A higher seeded team wins

Finish your drink if…

  • Any single player scores more than 20 points
  • An announcer mentions the team you have winning your bracket (in-game updates don’t count)
  • A player is ejected
  • A player goes out for the rest of the game because of an injury
  • A team uses up all of its time-outs in the second half
  • A lower seeded team wins
drinking game

Photo by Sheon Han

Grab another drink if…

  • Someone misses two free-throw shots in a row
  • Someone makes a buzzer beater
  • A team pulls off an upset
  • The team you had in your bracket wins
drinking game

Photo by Izzi Clark

This game is just one more reason to get excited about March Madness and confirm that it is the best time of year. One thing is for sure with this tournament, and that’s to expect the unexpected. Here’s hoping your bracket isn’t busted, and if it is, that sounds like another reason to drink up.

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