Picking the perfect restaurant for Valentine’s Day is all about finding the right level of ambiance. A simple way to avoid an awkward date is to realize one thing: the status of the relationship. Luckily, the Champaign-Urbana area has a variety of restaurants to help you nail the most important element of a V-Day date.

Just Started Dating

Valentine's Day

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Planning a Valentine’s Day date in the beginning of a relationship can be stressful. You don’t want to be too overwhelming, but it’s nice to put in a little effort. This date is all about being casually impressive. Sakanaya, located close to home on Green Street, has a darker and more modern atmosphere that makes it the perfect place. The restaurant is fancy enough to impress your date without worrying about some guy proposing at the next table over. Another slightly romantic but casual restaurant is Seven Saints. Their stylish decor and hand-battered cheese curds are sure to kindle the new flame.

Honeymoon Phase

Valentine's Day

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The honeymoon phase: when you’re obsessed with your significant other and everything in the relationship is perfect. Danny and Sandy’s summer lovin’ and the early stages of Noah and Allie are some prime examples of couples who are head-over-heels. Going on a V-Day date during the honeymoon phase means the romance level is at an all time high and you need a restaurant that can keep up with the heat. Biaggi’s upscale Italian cuisine combined with warm glowing lights makes this the go-to place for you and your sweetheart. When it comes to romance, Italians know their stuff. So enjoy your pasta Lady and the Tramp style and don’t forget to order the Lemon Tower Cake.

Long-Term Relationship

Valentine's Day

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Celebrating Valentine’s Day while in a long-term relationship, you have options. You’ve already been through the awkward beginning phase and the romantic fancy dinner phase. One of the perks of being practically married is the possibility of staying in. Whether it’s cooking a meal together or ordering a heart-shaped pizza for that special someone, lounging on the couch always beats going out. Order a pizza from Papa Del’s or Antonio’s, binge watch your favorite Netflix show and eat an entire box of chocolate with the one you love.