Throughout the whole academic year, the Price Library of Judaica is organizing a Jewish Food Series at the University of Florida. This series includes a series of lectures and events that celebrate Jewish foods.

This month, the Jewish Food Series is sponsoring a cholant recipe contest. Cholant is a traditional Jewish stew that can be adapted not only as a Jewish dish, but also as a crockpot dish in which everyone knows and likes. Recipes can be of various literary genres. Anyone can submit a generations-old family recipe, or a unique creation of your own. The Jewish Food Series encourages its contestants to accompany the dish with a description of the memories and emotions the cholant brings to mind.

Keep in mind, that this is NOT a Jewish recipe contest, but it is rather inspired by a Jewish dish.

Please send your recipes to Rebecca Jefferson at by November 25th, 2015. A panel of judges will select the winners in different categories and announce those winners on December 1st, 2015 at 5pm in the UF Pugh Hall Ocora.

Make sure to check out the Jewish Food Series’ next speaker on December 1st, 2015. Katalin Rac will be discussing “A Modern History of a Traditional Dish or How Cholant Became Hungarian.”

Click here to find out more information about the Jewish Food Series and their upcoming events at the University of Florida; thanks to them, Jewish students are able to stay connected with the Jewish comfort foods they need.


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