We all know delivery services are the new fad, bringing a whole new dimension to “Netflix and chill.” Because who doesn’t love watching Parks and Rec  while eating Jimmy John’s in bed, amongst other things, if you get what I’m saying…

Whether you’re ordering food while doing work, as a midnight snack, or when you get home from a drunken night ready to munch out, delivery services are a tempting and sometimes necessary option. Luckily, Gainesville is known for its endless amount of them. TYBG.

delivery services

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Needless to say, a lot can go wrong when you order food. To make it easier for everyone, I decided to get six of my closest friends together to order food from the six different delivery services in Gainesville. We all met up one night and ordered food at the same time, from the same restaurant, but from different delivery services. The results were as follows:

1. 2 Dollar Delivery

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Unfortunately, there was an extensive wait. On the plus side, the delivery guy was super cute and somehow my food was still hot, just like him. They dropped off the food in the right place too–shocking, I know–so it was definitely worth the wait. I’d recommend this to anyone who wants an entertaining delivery experience.

2. 352 Delivery

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Being one of the more commonly used services, I thought 352 would get everything right. Nope. Wrong. The delivery guy was new to Gainesville and didn’t know his way around campus. I was on the phone with him for 10 minutes giving him directions.

3. Doorstep Delivery

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The amount of restaurant options was magnificent–I was slightly overwhelmed, but in the best of ways. I was also pleasantly surprised when the food came fast and was delivered to the right place. Unfortunately, my order was mixed up and the delivery charge was a tad overpriced. Not the worst, but definitely not the best.

4. Gainesville 2 Go

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Gainesville 2 Go was standard and expected. Definitely a delivery service to consider. It’s not the cheapest and not the fastest, but the food was hot, the order was right, and it was delivered to the right place.

5. GrubHub

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Since GrubHub is a national chain, it didn’t surprise me when the delivery charge was overpriced and my food took a little longer than expected. Yet, the delivery guy was adorkable and extremely polite. This wouldn’t be my first choice delivery service, but it’s definitely an option.

6. Chomp Menus

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With an extensive array of restaurants, Chomp Menus is doing it right. Their standard two dollar delivery charge is on point and so is their delivery time and location. They’ve got this system down.

Of course, every delivery experience is unique, but I think we can all agree Jimmy John’s will always be the fastest (and hold a special place in our heart).