With more than 206,000 students applying for next fall, many students are now awaiting their college acceptance letters. Those already in a UC campus can say many things about their school from the great academics to the active social life and even the great weather. There are probably many factors on why a person chose to go to their respective school but a bigger questions remains. What’s the food culture outside of these campuses? The food scene outside of campus is a decent factor to consider on why you should pick one UC over another.  What if you get sick of eating all the dorm food? What if you are done cooking all those dorm room recipes? You’ve got to explore the food scene outside of your college because that is where the true food scene lives. This decision could affect what types of food are available at your fingertips. So which UC school’s food scene is right for you? And for those of you already in a UC campus, are you in the right school? Take the quiz and find out.

  1. Your Superpower would be...

  2. Where would we find you during a sports game?

  3. How Would You Like to Spend Saturday Mornings?

  4. The Best Meal Mash Up/Fusion

  5. Your Ideal Concert would have which performer?

  6. Party Scene

  7. Always down for...