November is here, and Friendsgiving is almost upon us. If you’re like me, you are probably already sick of the thought of turkey well before Thanksgiving even arrives. So this year, Popeyes is teaming up with Uber Eats to introduce the Churkey. Enjoy a different kind of bird this year. No matter if you are celebrating with friends, family, or even having a virtual Friendsgiving this year, there’s always room for Churkey.

Popeye's & Uber Eats

Before you get any strange pictures in your head, let me explain. A Churkey is a whole fried chicken, that is served in a plastic turkey delivery shell. The Churkey meal comes complete with fried chicken, biscuits, and fries for just $19.99. You can order your Churkey meal today on Uber Eats. Happy Friendsgiving!