No matter your age, we’ve all had that day where everything that could’ve gone wrong went wrong. At times, college seems like those days on repeat. With dining halls, 24-hour convenience stores or your best friend’s food stockpiles, stress eating your way to the freshman 15 quickly becomes the freshman 50.


Photo courtesy of TwoGrand

With their mobile health app, TwoGrand co-founders, Peter Simones and Alex Bernier, encourage sustainable eating habits, not dieting. “Serious healthy eating insights could come from seeing what people just like you, but at your goal weight eat every day,” says Simones. But they didn’t stop there.

We’ve all envied those friends that eat whatever they want without gaining an ounce (I can’t even look at an ice cream sundae without gaining 10 pounds). Everyone has different bodies and preferences, so why are diets the same for everyone? TwoGrand’s nutrition philosophy is no philosophy. Health routines are adjusted for individuals rather than the other way around.

Why TwoGrand? You ask…

TwoGrand really works for people.

1. It improves your relationship with food. People have fun using TwoGrand. You feel good, and it doesn’t stress you out.

2. Photos are easy, and powerful. It makes you more conscious of your decision-making, and seeing a full day in photos immediately calls out what you’re doing well and where you can improve.

3. You get amazing support and encouragement. Everyone on TwoGrand is positive and up-lifting. Good days are celebrated and bad days are simply something to move past.

What about college students?

Through college and young adulthood is when you form your own eating habits and views on nutrition. TwoGrand is a fantastic place to not only keep yourself accountable, but get great ideas from other people. You’ll learn a ton.

Current college students tend to value holistic health and simply eating healthier foods over the number on the scale. If you eat healthy foods and make consistently good decisions, your weight will usually take care of itself.

TwoGrand’s Future?


Photo courtesy of TwoGrand

We want TwoGrand to become synonymous with improving your diet. Want to eat healthier? TwoGrand. Want healthy meal inspiration? TwoGrand. Need to lose weight? TwoGrand.

New features: Being able to find/follow people based on location (with privacy, if you don’t want to share), and a revamped feed to better showcase meals you’d want to see.

So what are you waiting for? Download TwoGrand and help not just yourself but others in leading a healthier life!