King Arthur Flour, a popular gluten and gluten-free flour and baking mix brand that caters to gluten-lovers, gluten-haters, and those who are simply gluten-free, recently came out with two new delicious products: gluten-free super fudge brownie and gluten-free chocolate chip cookie in a cup. My family first introduced me to these over winter break, and I was ecstatic to find them at Schnucks, my local grocery store in St. Louis. As the products are on the newer side they are not available at every main grocery store, however they can be ordered from Amazon or the King Arthur website. The cups have become the perfect study-break dessert and way to satisfy that midday sugar craving. 

About the product

King Arthur's cups are both gluten-free and vegan, and each cup contains only 250 calories. To prepare, just add one tablespoon of water, mix the product, and microwave it for 30 seconds. The brand recommends adding additional microwave time if the product does not look ready, but mixing it up often gets the job done. 


Addie Bard

Because the consistency is not identical to that of freshly baked brownies or cookies, these desserts are perfect for eating with a spoon. They are slightly strange to make because the amount of water called for is not enough to spread throughout the whole mix. Before and after microwaving, my cup looked very grainy. I was unsure if I should have waited until the product was cool to mix it, but I did find that mixing the dessert after it comes out of the microwave helped incorporate most of the water into the batter. Next time I make a cup, I definitely plan to add a bit more water to see if that'll help improve the consistency. I rate the texture a 5/10.


Despite the unfortunate texture, the taste of both the brownie and cookie is simply delicious. It feels almost as if you are eating cookie batter or a lava cake, especially because the product must be mixed to combine the water with the ingredients. Both products have chocolate chips in them, which are delicious and have an intense chocolate flavor that I love. The cups contain the perfect amount of sweetness and would be great with peanut butter, ice cream, or simply plain. I rate the flavor a 9/10, with one point deduction for some bits of unmixed flour. 

If these cups excite you, but you can't find them or aren't gluten-free, do not fear. You can make your own with many quick and easy recipes out there. Regardless, I definitely encourage you to explore all the new and innovative gluten-free dessert options available. A world of sweet fun awaits.