Although Boston is a major city, it has a reputation for closing early; shops, restaurants, and nightlife all tend to close before 2 a.m., leaving those who crave a late night bite or activity with little to no options. However, there are two late-night restaurants in Boston open 24/7 that are affordable, delicious, and have a deep history: Bova’s Bakery and South Street Diner.

Bova's Bakery

Bova’s Bakery is very popular amongst Bostonians. They are known for their pastries, desserts, and other savory Italian delicacies that satisfy all sweet and salty cravings. Beware that there is usually a line out the door during the daytime, which is reflective of Bova’s popularity and quality.

Bova’s is an institution in Boston’s Little Italy neighborhood. It was established in 1926 by an Italian immigrant who continued their family's legacy and ownership. Bova’s has also been featured in articles and rankings such as “#1 Tiramisu in the Country” and “2012 Best Italian Pastries & Best Bakery.” Whether you are a Boston resident, visiting, or want to impress family and friends, Bova’s Bakery is undoubtedly worth your time.

South Street Diner

Similarly, South Street Diner is a great option to try if you are hungry for American comfort food. South Street is a staple in Boston; since opening their doors in 1947, South Street has won various awards and was even featured in a TV show and multiple movies, according to their website.

South Street is your typical warm and welcoming diner that serves American classics such as burgers, apple pie, milkshakes, and breakfast options. South Street is also the perfect place to go to for any occasion, whether it’s after a night out, for brunch, with family, or any other time of day.

While there are a minimal number late night restaurants in Boston, Bova’s Bakery and South Street Diner are 24/7 late-night bite staples. Whether you want to visit these institutions in-person or order from GrubHub, Bova’s and South Street consistently deliver upon their promise of availability, affordability, and delectability.