When it comes to delicious spreads, Nutella has always been the unofficial king of the pack (sorry ketchup). But a new product might be ready to take the throne. Mars Incorporated candy company has invented a Twix spread, and it's the chocolate-caramel concoction of your dreams. 

What Even Is It?

According to PopSugar, the new spread is basically a deconstructed Twix bar.  Made of of chocolate, caramel, and crunchy biscuit pieces, this decadent dip is truly a chocolate lover's dream come true.

Where Can I Get Some?

So far Twix spread is only being carried in UK stores (*whimpers softly*). But before you go ahead and plan your next trip across the pond, you order a jar online.  

What's The Word on the Street?

The internet is abuzz with news of this innovative spread, because why wouldn't it be. All over Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, people are going crazy for Twix spread.

Thank you Chocolate Gods for answering our prayers — Twix spread is the ultimate new guilty pleasure.