A good TV show is nothing without the food. Here are a few restaurants Spoon wishes existed in real life:

1. Los Pollos Hermanos from Breaking Bad


Photo Courtesy of tumblr

Arguably one of the greatest shows on AMC, Breaking Bad scores with foodies as well with Gustavo Fring’s fast food fried chicken heaven. While he isn’t running a meth operation, we’d love to have Mr. Fring take our order while Hank does some DEA surveillance outside. It might be sketchy, but it is worth it for the chicken.

2. Central Perk Coffeehouse from Friends


Photo Courtesy of Business2Community.com

Ah, if only we could see Rachel struggle to successfully deliver an order of coffee and hear Phoebe’s lovable “Smelly Cat” just once again. Spoon is jealous of the lucky fans who got to visit the Central Perk pop-up coffee house from September 17th to October 18th on 199 Lafayette Street in NYC last year. You were able to take a picture with the orange couch and hopefully catch a glimpse of James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther on the show. Oh, and there’s free coffee.

3. MacLaren’s Pub from How I Met Your Mother


Photo Courtesy of Tumblr

The biggest question of HIMYM—how did they have so much free time in that bar? MacLaren’s, where many of the show’s most important moments occurred (Ted meeting Robin and Marvin’s first outing) is actually based on NYC’s  McGee’s PubSpoon will have the Slapsgiving Mini Pizza to start and a TedMosbyIsAJerk.com for the entree please.

4. Monk’s Cafe from Seinfeld


Photo Courtesy of PageSix

Lucky for us foodies, Monk’s cafe was based on Tom’s Restaurant, which actually does exist in real life and is located on 112th and Broadway in NYC. Tom’s serves a variety of omelettes and breakfast food, so pop in for a quick bite in the morning.

5. Krusty Burger from The Simpsons


Photo Courtesy of Pedestrian.tv

Ok, so not all of us may want to eat there considering the show’s running jokes about the dubious quality of the hamburgers, but the Krusty Burger’s history with the 23 season show has got Spoon willing to give it a shot. I mean, it is where Bart became friends with Ned Flanders in that one episode– chills.

6. Freddy’s BBQ Joint  from House of Cards


Photo Courtesy of Google Maps

For some of the best ribs on television, you have to turn to Freddy’s BBQ Joint, a hole in the wall restaurant owned by Freddy Hayes and frequented by arguably one of the most manipulative and thrilling characters on television–Frank Underwood. For every die hard House of Cards fan (me included), and evening best spent with the now President Underwood would be over conniving over a rack of Freddy’s ribs.

Although we’ll never be able to grab a coffee at Central Perk or chow down on some fried chicken at Los Pollos Hermanos, we can look forward our favorite characters like Homer Simpson chasing after another Krusty Burger in the seasons to come.