If you've seen any show on the Food Network, you know that TV chefs can have some pretty big personalities. It's what makes people keep watching. You watch them cook some chicken for thirty minutes and by the end of the episode, you want to see more.

In a way, these chefs become as familiar to us as a close friend. And in many ways, these iconic TV chefs have personalities that closely resemble our own friends. Besides their magical abilities to transform food, see what these iconic TV chefs would bring to your friend group. 

The Down to Earth Friend: Julia Child

Julia Child is known for bringing French cuisine to America. Her show, "The French Chef," took cooking and brought it down to Earth. She was one of the first women with her own cooking show. She was also the author of a few different cook books, including her first, "Mastering the Art of French Cooking," which became the gold standard of cookbooks. After watching even a small clip of her cooking, you'll wish you were BFFs. 

The Dorky Smart One:  Alton Brown

He's not only smart, he's got a quirky sense of humor. Alton Brown knows his way around a kitchen. His show, "Good Eats," started out his TV career and taught us all one or two things about the scientific side of our food. He not only appeared in each episode, but he wrote and produced each episode as well. If you watched food shows when you were little, chances are you know who he his. You can let your freak flag fly with this sort of friend. 

The Loud Friend Who Always Brings Food: Rachel Ray   

This friend is loud and that's okay. Their personality fills the room and they always make sure everyone feels comfortable. Even with their busy schedules, they somehow always have food to share. Rachel Ray has come to fame through her various TV shows and cook books, many of which focus on making meals fast. She currently hosts her own award-winning show, welcoming anyone and everyone into her world every weekday. 

The Charmer: Bobby Flay

This friend knows everyone and is friends with them all. They can strike up conversation with ease and they were most likely one of the popular kids in high school. They were in every club and the captain of whatever sports team they participated in. Bobby Flay has done it all. He has written cookbooks, stared in many TV shows, became an Iron Chef, and owns many restaurants. This friend is always up to hang out. 

The "Tell it as it is" Friend: Gordon Ramsay

This friend will tell you exactly what they think whether or not you want to hear it. Sometime it's a little much, but in the end it usually helps. Most of us probably know of Gordon Ramsey's infamous rage and scathing criticism. He owns many restaurants and has a few TV shows, one of which is "Hell's Kitchen." You can always go to this friend for their honest opinion. 

The Busy Bada**: Anthony Bourdain

You know the friend who just doesn't care what other people think and isn't afraid to try anything? The iconic chef equivalent of that friend is Anthony Bourdain. He travels the world and takes us along. He started in the kitchen from the very bottom. Writing then brought him to fame and he has been the host of various travel food shows. He came from humble beginnings and overcame many barriers to become the world -renowned chef and author he is today. 

The Ambitious Friend: Emeril Lagasse

This friend is probably an honor student involved in an internship, volunteering, or research. They have big goals and an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. They pick things up quickly and make learning look easy, but they still spend their nights in the library.  Emeril Lagasse is one of the most recognizable chefs of all time. He has gone through extensive culinary training, owns 13 restaurants, has hosted over 2,000 shows on the Food Network, and has established his own foundation to support children with culinary interests.

If you watch him in action, he still has a good time. He is known for spice and the enthusiastic "Bam!" that comes when he adds that spice to his food. This friend is the best study buddy because they make it a good time and push you to your full potential. 

The Goofball Friend: Michael Symon

This friend just wants to make everyone laugh, and they usually do. They are naturally funny and they walk the line between over-the-top weird and outright hilarious. Michael Symon has also had his share of cookbooks and TV shows. You can watch him on the daytime TV show "The Chew." In all of his TV appearances, he doesn't hesitate to crack a joke when the opportunity presents itself. This is the friend you go to if your looking for a laugh.

Do these friends sound familiar? What Iconic TV Chef are you? Get a second opinion and share with your friends!