Who rolls up to grandma’s house on Thanksgiving day thinking, “man, I can’t wait for turkey and stuffing?” No one. No one wants only turkey and stuffing. The thought of it makes me so unbelievably thirsty. Our English neighbors, however, loved this idea of turkey and stuffing so much they made it into a doughnut. This is proof that there is no Thanksgiving in Britain for a reason.


Photo Courtesy of Metro News

I am so conflicted by this I just really don’t know what to say. So, I’ll let the reviews do the talking:

“The first thing I noticed when biting into these is how much the consistency really helps contribute to the flavour. It’s a lot like eating the real thing, but in dough form. It’s soft, slightly chewy, and it certainly has a very bold stuffing flavour, with a lovely meaty hint behind it.” – Reviewer from A Review a Day

Umm… I’m sorry? It’s a lot like the real thing, aka turkey, but in dough form? My mouth literally just started salivating like it does right before I puke.

To further investigate this doughnut issue, I turned to Twitter, which also had some insightful thoughts on these Weirdoughs:

@jbedwell89: “These taste like soggy Pringles.”

@BenEdmns: “Not sure what’s happening in my mouth.”

@Aaron_Wheele: “I feel violated.”

I really don’t have much more to say due to the overwhelming sense of nausea that is taking over my body, so check out the other flavors of Weirdoughs.


Photo Courtesy of SandV Instawebgram

Don’t like salt and vinegar or cheese and onion? Don’t worry. They also have smoky bacon *and finally I yak.*

Lost your appetite due to my overuse of puking descriptions or because of the flavors of these doughnuts? I don’t blame you. Here are some more appealing foods to stop the stomach churning: