Summer 17's hit songs have us Spoonies eating a whole bunch of food. We listened to some radio hits while imagining what foods and drinks match their vibes. Here are some Tunes to match your taste buds. 

Feels by Calvin Harris = PINA COLADA

Calvin Harris just dropped one of the songs, (Feels), from his upcoming album "Funk Wave Bounces Vol. 1" and it is def giving us those Summer Feels. This song pairs perfectly with a tropical island and a fruity Pina Colada.

Malibu by Miley Cyrus = ICE CREAM

Miley Cyrus brought us all to our knees with her new single Malibu. The song gives off such a summer vibe with beach waves, warm weather, and wind in your hair. This song just makes me crave a cold ice cream on a hot beach day. BTW, heres an unforgettable pic of our girl Miley licking that ice cream cone. 

Green Light by Lorde = Onion Rings

meat, chicken, fried calamari, onion rings
Caroline Liu

Ah yes, Lorde. Green Light is that song you blast with your best friends while driving late at night. Onion Rings are the perfect match; its a late night munch for this night tune. The queen herself expressed her love for onion rings in a recent interview. She was so obsessed, she even made an Instagram page for onion rings from different diners. We feel you Lorde, we feel you. 

Unforgettable by French Montana= French Fries...DUH

poutine, waffle, gravy, chocolate
Olivia Clifton

Of course French fries for French Montana, it just makes sense!! French's beats put us into that fried, crunchy, saucy, fry mood. 

Location by Khalid= Pizza

mozzarella, pepperoni, pizza, sausage, olives, pizza from scratch, homemade pizza, fresh pizza
Sam Jesner

Location is such a chill song. And we are almost positive that if we send anyone our location, it will take them to a pizzeria. 

Take Away

Shout out to all the Summer 17' songs. You give us those summer vibes and make us eat a whole lot of munchies.