Recently, our Wake Forest Spoon Chapter tried the newly launched Rishi Snacks and was blown away! These snacks are a modern rendition of the traditional Indian snack, Chevda, a savory combination of tasty flavors including potato, kale, cereal, fennel, nuts, dry fruit, Indian spices, and more. 

The Story Behind Rishi Snacks 

Rishi Snacks launched in 2022. These Indian snacks are dedicated to supporting Rishi, who was diagnosed with autism at a young age, and the autism and special needs community. The purchasing of these snacks helps support Rishi and his friends who work in the kitchen helping to prepare these products. What’s better than enjoying a wide variety of flavorful snacks? Enjoying flavorful snacks while also supporting a great cause! 

How To Eat Rishi Snacks

What we learned about Rishi Snacks is that there are many different ways that these snacks can be eaten. They can be eaten on their own or in other ways such as in a salad or on a sandwich! 

Our Experience Trying Rishi Snacks 

The five flavors are Original, Jerk, Jalapeño, Kale Cranberry, and Mango Lime. Our Spoon Chapter tried each flavor- they were similar to a better version of Chex Mix! We tried Kale Cranberry and Mango Lime, which were both on the sweeter side. We particularly enjoyed that they included pieces of dried cranberry and mango. One favorite among our group was the Original, the brand's first flavor, developed from Rishi’s grandma’s family-famous recipe. An unexpected favorite was the Jalapeño. It sounds spicy from the name, but, as someone who doesn’t like spice, I realized that with all of the other ingredients mixed in, there wasn’t an overwhelming amount of spice. Finally, Jerk was another favorite for those who enjoy more spice. 

Each flavor snack is delicious in its own way. A specific flavor could satisfy ones craving for either something sweet or savory. These snacks were like nothing that I have tried before and they were a great new experience for my taste buds. 

Want to learn more about Rishi Snacks? Find out more on their Instagram here or check out their website!