Indeed, hydration is the key to life. "Drink more water!" is what we always hear and we all know how tiring that can get. However, sports drinks are different. While Gatorade and Powerade are essential to today's workouts and college dorm rooms, are we drinking them correctly? Don't fret, as a Gatorade drinker myself, I'll give you all the deets.

So, What's a "Sports Drink?"

Lila Seeley
A "sports drink," is a drink designed to be consumed during exercise. These drinks contain electrolytes like potassium, sodium, chloride, and sugar in order to restore one's energy.

Why People Like Them

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Julia Gilman

In short, people tend to consume more sugary drinks than anything else. Well, isn't that a no brainer? Psychologically, people crave sugar because it provides us with a temporary rush of endorphins, causing "feel good" emotions in our bodies. Physically, this sugar can give us spikes in energy that can get us through the day. Emotionally, sugar releases serotonin, creating feelings of excitement and happiness

Where's The Benefit?

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Carolyne Su

Okay, so here's the breakdown:

Drinking a bottle of Gatorade can be beneficial during exercise to replenish lost electrolytes, sugar, and potassium. The carbs and extra ingredients in drinks such as these offer refueling and energy-boosting benefits to athletes. In scenarios in like being in the hot sun all day, drinks with these additives can be more helpful than water alone

Now, The Bad...

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Denise Uy

Clearly sports drinks are meant for sports, but a vast majority of people who purchase and drink these drinks aren't athletes and have no intentions of working out, to begin with. Drinking copious amounts of sugary drinks (more than one/day) can cause weight gain, tooth decay, and high blood pressure over time. This is because all the extra sugar and sodium from these drinks isn't being exerted, it's just sitting in the body 

All in all, sports drinks aren't bad if you're doing your fair share of exercise, as well. So, don't let this article scare you away, but be mindful of your consumption!