Just because I'm not in elementary school anymore doesn't mean I don't still have a soft spot for artificially colored cereals. Whether eaten for breakfast or as a quick and easy snack, cereals like Lucky Charms and Captain Crunch were a mainstay of my young diet. Unfortunately, many of these cereals lost their appeal when I entered adulthood — and it wasn't because I started eating healthier. As many '90s kids know, many of our tried-and-true snacks from childhood were replaced with  doppelgängers that, while sometimes "healthier," were nowhere near as fun. One such cereal was Trix, which replaced its iconic fruit shaped cereal for brownish orbs. Many of us complained about the change, and after a decade our voices were finally heard. That's right, Trix cereal is officially bring back its classic fruit shape and it's enough to bring me to tears.

According to a press release from General Mills, the Classic Trix Fruity Shapes will be returning to supermarket shelves, permanently. While this all might be an elaborate ploy to get people to buy Trix again, I'm excited that a whole new generation gets to grow up on this colorful cereal. Sure, the fruit shapes were only a mainstay of the '90s (prior to that they were also orbs), but there's no denying that these colorful shapes were what made Trix cereal so special to so many people. But I do have one question: what do we have to do to get Dunkaroos back?

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