Let’s admit it, bananas are scary. One week in and suddenly your bright beautiful bunch of yellow bananas have turned into a brown mush of fear. Now here you are staring at the mess wondering how the heck you’re going to deal with it.

Quick run to the trash can or new attempt on a smoothie recipe with the leftovers in the fridge?


Photo courtesy of thekitchn.com

Well no need to worry anymore.

There exists a magical (scientific) method to restore your bananas. All you need is a bag of rice and a blow dryer. But wait. This seems too good to be true. Can we finally stop avoiding eye contact with our bananas and look them in the eye for once?

There have been rumors on the Internet saying that they have found the magic formula to solve this issue. It seems that the most popular method is by using rice to absorb the moisture of the banana and dry out the banana afterwards with a hair dryer. But what really happens? Does it really become a new fresh banana?


Photo by Katherine Carroll

The banana is a climacteric fruit which means that it’ll continue to ripen even after harvesting them. The climacteric is a stage of fruit ripening due to increased ethylene production and a rise in cellular respiration. Apples and tomatoes are other examples of this type of fruit while non-climacteric fruit include citrus, grapes and strawberries.

Some people debate on the best ways to storing bananas. Some try the refrigerator (as it slows down the process starch takes to break down into sugars). However, an enzyme called the polyphenyl oxidase combined with phenols which comes from the peel creates polyphenols which turns the banana brown. For a more scientific explanation, check this guy out.

Unfortunately though, in terms of reviving the banana, this Spoon writer can only report that the best thing you can do is to revive its yellow color. Its consistency will never really ever go back to its original texture. You can have fun playing Frankenstein but inside, it’ll still remain the same dead overripe mush.


Photo by Katie Walsh

People still have fun trying to work magic on the banana. Check out the original video below and share it to amaze your friends. Might be a good way to win a bet at a house party.