While most people associate Halloween with sweet treats, it’s also a time for some spooky tricks. Not every family gives away your typical Halloween candy while trick-or-treating, or even a weird, mediocre candy for that matter. While there are always those houses on the block that go the extra mile, a survey of friends has shown us that you can't even begin to imagine the wackiest tricks and treats ever received, taking the phrase "trick-or-treat" to an unprecedented new level.

The "Treats"

"Liter bottles of soda."

"An entire box of Rice Krispies."

"Quarters. This old guy used to give each kid one quarter, and I remember being so hype about it."

"10 bucks. I went as a Christmas present and the box was too big to see over my feet, so I tripped and twisted my ankle in their yard. I think they felt bad." 

 "Air time on a radio game show."

The "Tricks"

"Handfuls of unwrapped gumdrops."

"A live goldfish–it died later that night."

"Playdough… received at age 17." 

"A single, uncooked noodle."  

"When I was little, kids would come to the door and say 'Trick-or-Treat,' and my dad would say, 'Okay, I’ll show you a trick,' and make my cat jump through a hoop."

The Straight-Up WTFs 

"Flyers about sin and redemption through Jesus Christ." 

"Friskies wet cat food, but then he took it back because he realized his mistake." 

"A bible–and I was literally dressed up as a turkey sandwich." 

"Flavored condoms...my mom was with me.”  

So maybe the next time you get a Banana Laffy Taffy and think it's the worst candy ever, remember that things could definitely be worse.