On Instagram, I follow a ridiculous number of food-related accounts. Seriously, every other photo on my feed is of food. From avocado toast and macarons to artsy lattes and more.

But how did it get to this point? Why do I constantly see trendy food pictures of zoodles and fancy nut butters? Why do I even follow these accounts, you ask?

Well, here’s why:

Because It’s Cool

trendy foods

Photo by Christine Chen

Would all these people be eating açai bowls if they hadn’t seen a pic of it trending on Kayla Itsines’ page? The truth is, probably not. Food trends would not thrive without social media (or us).

So how does food become trend-worthy? Well, it is a combination of a few things.

Gif courtesy of gurl.com

First, you need to hear about a food trend from someone in the spotlight. For instance, if Kylie Jenner was drinking potato soup from a straw with a face mask on, you’re probably going to do some research on what the heck she’s doing. (Note: I have no idea when, how or why Kylie eats or does not eat her potato soup. I can not attest to any benefits of doing so.)

Likewise, if Blair Waldorf didn’t think macaroons were so cool, there probably wouldn’t be such a large number of people obsessed with this French pastry. Whether we choose to admit it or not, Blair and Kylie influence us young folk, and we pay attention to what they do. And honestly, any chance I can to to be a bit more like Blair is one I’ll take.

Because Otherwise You’d be Missing Out

trendy foods

Photo courtesy of Associated Press

It’s debatable whether the newest food faves are trends or fads. Take sriracha for example. A few years ago you’d probably find this spicy sauce only in select Asian markets. But now it’s on the tables of every hipster and food critic in town.

trendy foods

Photo by Steven Baboun

I would probably never have known what sriracha was if it wasn’t for Instagram, but I learned about it because it’s popular. I’m not even a huge spicy sauce fan (please do not confuse with Spice Girls), but I still know what sriracha is.

Actually, I know a number of people who tried sriracha solely because of the Insta-worthy picture. In some ways, it’s sad that our taste in food can be swayed so much by other people. On the other hand, it’s awesome that we can learn about exotic new foods from social media.

Because Experimenting With Food Is Exciting

Photo courtesy of fun-science.org.uk

Food is a hobby that’s thrilling and anyone can get behind. While not everything we eat is healthy, trying new things and opening up definitely is.

Courtesy of nydailynews.com

I mean someone came up with the idea for the cragel, the dagel and all the other -agels. We can do cool stuff with food and while sometimes we fail, other times we rock it. Following these food accounts is just another way to show support for people doing truly amazing stuff.

Because It’s FOOD

trendy foods

Photo courtesy of reddit.com

There’s a web-niche or social media page for everyone and everything. But let’s be honest, the most important pages to follow are of trendy foods.

We’re not saying this tastes better because it is purple, but we’re also not NOT saying that.. ?

A photo posted by AFA (@afapancan) on Jun 17, 2015 at 10:58am PDT

Simply enough, the reason I follow all these food accounts is because I love food. And honestly, who doesn’t love food? I love learning about it, eating it and looking at it. And at Spoon, we are all about trendy foods and pop-food culture, so if you aren’t, then you’ve come to the wrong place.