A month ago, you would probably kill for a chance to lay around and sleep all day. However, come winter break, doing just that gets boring after a day or two. It's not a surprise that anyone would rather be on vacation at this time of the year. But is it even possible to go traveling with a shoestring budget these days?

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Khairina Ibrahim

That's right, $4 can still take you places. A snack box from Try The World gives you the chance to travel around the globe without actually moving from your seat. In fact, I went on a "trip" myself and here's what it tasted like:

1. Sweden

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Khairina Ibrahim

These ginger snaps by Nyakers are thin, crispy, and packed with flavor. Each bite gives a strong taste of ginger, just like how a traditional Swedish pepparkakor should. The orange flavor gives it a pleasant twist.

2. Italy

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Khairina Ibrahim

Fragrant and simple, these rosemary snacks from Lecci della Torre are oddly addictive. It's made of three simple ingredients that's highly common in Italian cooking: herbs, olive oil, and love.

3. United Kingdom

candy, chocolate, tea
Khairina Ibrahim

This is my favorite snack of all. The shrimpy flavor is subtle and takes your regular potato chips to another level. It's definitely a classic British snack.

4. Thailand

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Khairina Ibrahim

Also known as Thong Muan, these crispy rolls have a good balance of savoury and sweet. It's a delicious snack that can be enjoyed with a cup of traditional Thai tea.

5. Brazil

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Khairina Ibrahim

I don't know about you, but I love peanut candies. This particular Brazilian candy has been around since the '80s. It's soft, sweet and is definitely a must-have for all peanut lovers!

This "trip" might not compare to an actual vacation, but trust me when I say it's still fun and exciting. So order your first snack box today for only $4 with this discount. Bon Voyage!