With bags bursting, exasperated sighs and mounting excitement for winter break manifested by a bouncing knee in the cab on the way to the airport, you feel a faint pang of hunger deep within your stomach. It is then that you realize your six-hour flight back home will be filled with agony: either from your wallet if you choose to buy airport food or from your stomach if you choose to wait until after your flight (or if your airport food is particularly nauseating). If only you had remembered to pack some food. Luckily, we have created a list of quick, convenient snacks and meals to ease your travel hunger woes. Use these as inspiration and your fellow traveling passengers will be envious of your well-stocked bag.


Photo by Emma Ricketson


Almonds (or any other nut) – What a nutty idea!

Trail mix – Just pretend the airport’s runway is a trail and you’re a rugged adventurer.

Pretzels – To remind you of the strange contortions necessary to find a comfortable position.

Plantain chips – You’ll practically go bananas for them.

Baked green peas – They will bring you inner peas.

Goldfish – The snack that smiles back, especially when the cute guy across the aisle won’t.

Fruits and veggies – If you’re feeling healthy (just make sure they won’t go bad without refrigeration).


Photo by Emma Ricketson

Main Feast

Wrap it up– A quick and easy way to get rid of any leftover vegetables in your fridge before your trip. Simply spread a little hummus, add veggies and cheese, and you’re good to go.

   Tip: Alternatively, you can make any sandwich into a wrap, thereby containing any potential mess in the tortilla itself.

   Bonus tip: If you still have holiday leftovers, what’s better than a turkey (or tofurky) wrap?

Cheese and crackers – You may not be sitting in first class, but you’ll certainly feel classy.

   Tip: Optimize the fanciness by pairing with fruit and vegetables.

Rice cake with peanut butter – You can get single use packets of peanut butter, making the spreading process easy and mess free.

   Tip: Appreciate peanut butter’s versatility: spread it on bagels, bananas or whatever else your heart desires.



Photo by Emma Ricketson

And, most importantly, don’t forget to treat yo’ self because traveling is hard.