What child didn't grow up with her own form of pizza pockets? Those little, fluffy bites once brought so much excitement to kids everywhere after school and made your sleepovers epic.

But now they probably make you question what you were thinking when you and your friends devoured them. And you can say with near certainty that they pale in comparison to the real pizza you're eating now. This is especially true if you eat pretty much any slice in NYC.

So what would ever tempt you to consider another pizza pocket over the real slice? If anything will, it's legendary chef Stefano Callegari's Trapizzino. After seven successful locations in "la chita eterna," Americans are finally getting a taste.

The new pizza import comes straight from Rome and gives a new meaning to an old treat. Unlike the tiny bite it's compared to, this pocket is larger and almost like a pita. Even Mario Batali is a fan!

Looking at it, the pocket will remind you a bit of a falafel sandwich, but it's actually a secret blend Italian flatbread called pizza bianca that is baked as a square and cut into triangles.

"This dough is popular in Rome," Nick and Luca of their NY team told me, "And we like to use simple ingredients. We don't overdo it."

The flatbread is filled with different ingredients depending on which of the eight flavors you choose, including options like meatballs, braised chicken, braised oxtail, and tripe. All options are under $10.

They're also serving a twist on arancini called suppli, a fried rice ball. These, too, come in different flavors based on different pasta flavors like Cacio e Pepe, Carbonara, Arrabbiata, and Amatriciana.

Nick and Luca mentioned that they will be offering about six choices a day from rotating selections with vegan and vegetarian options available. "There is something for everyone."

Trappizino will be debuting in the Lower East Side at the end of February, and once word gets out, I'm predicting lines around the block. Mark your calendar and add this one to your food bucket list.