The long awaited holiday season is just around the corner, and starting things off we have the American classic Thanksgiving. Although overlooked, this holiday is a necessary start to the season and allows all the family to come together and celebrate with a delicious, festive dinner. This time around, in typical 2020 style, let's change it up and transform Thanksgiving dinner into a vegan feast! 

Some Background

A typical Thanksgiving dinner revolves around turkey, stuffing, vegetables, rolls, and an assortment of delectable sides and desserts that leave you satisfied for days. Unfortunately for the plant-based people of the world, this holiday seems to glorify animal based proteins and avoid vegetables that are not soaked in butter. 

Fortunately, I have been vegan for the past four years, which has allowed me to become creative in the kitchen and has thus made Thanksgiving my favorite holiday. Whether you are trying to cut back on meat consumption or wanting to try something different, here are a few of my favorite recipes that make Thanksgiving the easiest holiday to “veganize”.


My family, like most, spends much of Thanksgiving morning and day preparing the turkey. On my first Thanksgiving as a vegan, I missed the camaraderie that came along with the cooking of the main dish. Although Tofurky will never be meat, I have found that I enjoy this dish just as much, if not more, than our bird friend. I recommend the classic Tofurky Holiday Feast for anyone looking to amplify their plant based main menu options at their vegan Thanksgiving feast.

Lentil Stuffing

Jessica Clermont

Stuffing was always my favorite dish at Thanksgiving so you can imagine my disappointment when I found out it was neither vegan nor vegetarian. This Minimalist Baker recipe uses lentils as a meat replacement and tastes just as good as the fluffy, savory, stuffing we all know and love. 

Mac and Cheeze

Jessica Clermont

Baked creamy Mac and cheese with breadcrumbs on top is a necessity at any Thanksgiving, especially the vegan one! The best part about this Loving it Vegan recipe is that it uses a homemade "cheese sauce" rather than vegan cheese. This is a must have side dish to impress all of your non-vegan family and friends attending your plant based feast!

Green Bean Casserole

Jessica Clermont

Green bean casserole somehow always finds its way to my family's Thanksgiving dinner, yet never seems to make it to leftovers. Needless to say, it is one of our favorite side dishes that was non-negotiable going to be in attendance at my vegan feast. This simple recipe, yet delicious side dish, will give you a step up on your vegetables and have people asking, "Is this really vegan?"

Pumpkin Pie

Jessica Clermont

Everyone knows that no Thanksgiving dinner is complete without *at least* one round of desserts. Turn a fall favorite and American classic into a tasty, decadent vegan dish by ditching the eggs and swapping out the dairy for coconut cream. Nora Cooks plant based pumpkin pie will prove to non-vegan scrutinizers that animals do not belong in desserts!

Spoon Tip: Make your own pie crust. It takes longer but is totally worth it!

Jessica Clermont