Sometimes days here can drag. We all need a little pick up for that afternoon class. Here are some ideas of what to toss in a to-go cup when you’re making that snack to fuel you up for that 2:30 class. We know you’ll eat it before then, but at least it’s healthy enough and hey, your brain burns the most calories.

Ingredient Idea 1: Granola

granola to go trailmix

Photo by Maggie Gorman

Bowdoin has great homemade granola in the dining hall. Take advantage of this crunchy, wholesome snack by adding it to your trail mix.

Ingredient Idea 2: Banana Chips

trail mix

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Fruit can be messy. You have to deal with the peel and sticky juices, but dried fruit is safe for class!

#SpoonTip: Make your own homemade banana chips. Find the recipe here.

Ingredient Idea 3: Sunflower Seeds

trail mix

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Sunflower seeds are a great source of protein to keep you going longer. It doesn’t hurt that they taste great too.

Ingredient Idea 4: Craisins

craisins trail mix

Photo by Sandy Li

If craisins aren’t for you, try raisins or dried apples from the C-Store.

Ingredient Idea 5: Goldfish

trail mix

Photo courtesy of @GoodbyeGoldfish on Instagram

If you’re feeling salty…Goldfish are always a good call.

Ingredient Idea 6: Chex (from the Gluten Free Section)

Photo by Tess Wei

Tucked away in the Gluten Free Section is the hidden gem of light and airy Gluten Free Chex cereal. A must for your trail mix and many other recipes.

Ingredient Idea 7: Chocolate Chips

trail mix

Photo by Christin Urso

If you’ve already broken that healthy New Year’s Resolution, toss in some chocolate chips and marshmallows too. We think chocolate tastes good at every meal, including your midday snack.

trail mix

Photo by Hannah Berman

#SpoonTip: Although our dining halls don’t have nuts readily available to us, adding your own mixed nuts assortment to your trail mix could be a good source of protein to balance out your delicious homemade sweet and salty mix.