From standing with our better-than-the-rest football team on game days to honoring former students, old and young, with Silver Taps and Muster, tradition is not something we take lightly in Aggieland. Now, we've taken some favorite eateries in town and matched them with A&M's notable traditions.

Midnight YellFuego Tortilla Grill

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Katherine Kaitson

The night before we BTHO every opponent, Midnight Yell is there to help us warm-up our voices and get pumped for the game. This late-night tradition can only be matched with another late-night tradition. After Kyle Field, chill here with your friends, eat some tacos, and split some queso—if that's even possible.

Ring DunkDixie Chicken

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Sydney Eakin

The coveted practice of every Aggie allegedly began at this hometown staple in the 70s. While it doesn't matter what you're dunking your ring in—beer, apple juice, water, a shot of tequila—you can chase your dunk with one of their amazing burgers and some Tijuana fries.

Penny on SullyBlackwater Draw Brewing Co.

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Katy Hickl

Really stressful, exam-filled weeks usually end with an offering to A&M's favorite past president, Sul "Sully" Ross. His statue, in Academic Plaza, is there to give comfort and hope to students who place a penny on his boot. Blackwater Draw is our food equivalent for Sully. There is nothing better than stopping in after a difficult exam and chowing on your favorite comfort foods (mine are usually covered in cheese), chatting with friends, and drinking local beers. It'll cost more than a penny, but it's such a worthy reward.

Silver TapsC&J Barbeque

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Sydney Eakin

One of the oldest traditions at Texas A&M, Silver Taps provides us with a moment, we hope not every month, to honor fellow current students who have passed and reflect on our lives. C&J Barbeque is the place to be to connect with Texan roots and support a local, family owned restaurant in the process.

#SpoonTip: Be sure to try their Jalapeño and Cheese Sausage—it's the best. Also, their Buttermilk Pie should definitely be on your want list.


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Katy Hickl

Since April 21st, 1903, every year on that day, Aggies hold our most revered tradition—Muster. Unofficially known as "Roll Call," this is the time we get together as a family of current students and alumni and remember those of us who've passed during the year. No matter the graduating class, we Aggies can connect on a cellular level. Since 1994, Layne's has been a student favorite for fried foods, late nights, and cheap eats. The downright goodness of their "Soon to be Famous" chicken fingers and delicious, mysterious Secret Sauce is something we can all agree on.

"Howdy!"Duddley's Draw

The official greeting of Texas A&M, saying "Howdy!" ensures that our ever-growing school keeps it small town feel. While the tradition has lost some popularity (#BringHowdyBack), it's still important to make sure this tradition doesn't die off completely. Part of how we can do this is by passing it back to local dives. As the second oldest bar in town, Duddley's represents keeping up that friendly Aggie spirit for us. Through awesome bartenders, free pool, and cheap beer, it's the best place to enjoy the small town feeling we all crave during our A&M years.

Student Bonfire—J. Cody's

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Originally known simply as "Bonfire," since 2002, this tradition has been upheld by a student coalition and very supportive alumni. Every year, crews of students—who live off-campus, are from the Corps, or live in non-reg dorms—work tirelessly during football season to build the bonfire. Traditionally lit 1 or 2 days before the Thanksgiving game, it symbolizes the Aggie's desire to BTHO t.u. (now LSU) and the undying flame of love every loyal Aggie has for the school. You can relive Bonfires past at J. Cody's by looking at old photos and other memorabilia over a plate of smoky BBQ, delicious cobbler, and cold beer