Trader Joe’s (AKA the Holy Grail of grocery stores) recently started selling a new item – Bacon Jam. Bacon has literally been popping up everywhere recently – in chocolate, soda, vodka – like EVERYWHERE. And now, thanks to Trader Joe’s, it’ll be even easier to give everything you eat a dash of bacon flavoring.

bacon jam

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The new jam is a processed mixture of onions, brown sugar, apple cider vinegar, and, of course, uncured applewood smoked bacon. So it’s essentially a sweet, bacon spread and in other words, is everything you could want and more.

bacon jam

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This product is giving me flashbacks to times when I’ve put the finishing touches on a burger or a breakfast sandwich and the roll has cracked the bacon out of my sandwich and crushed my dreams. Spreading it? Complete game changer.

bacon jam

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Since I heard about it coming out, I’ve been fantasizing about the things I can put this jam on. I’m picturing the classic toast, or this Sriracha burger, maybe topping a nice cream cheese dip? The possibilities are endless and I am HYPE.