Trader Joe's recently came out with their latest and greatest creation, and let me tell you, I am here for it. Neapolitan Joe Joe's are the store's newest cookie flavor, combining a trifecta of nostalgic tastes into one out-of-this-world sandwich cookie. Each one has a very specific make-up that gives it that traditional Neapolitan flavor, so, having tried it myself, I am here to give you the 4-1-1 on all the things Neapolitan Joe Joe's.

Cookie Composition

Cassidy Orr

Depending on which way you pull it out of the box, the top wafer may be chocolate or vanilla. For the sake of argument, let's assume the top wafer is vanilla. This side provides a gentle complement to the other two bolder flavors. The strawberry filling glues everything together, even including extra pieces of freeze-dried strawberries in the frosting for more fruity fun. To bring up the caboose, the chocolate wafer (aka the support wafer) adds an extra dose of sweetness to complete the Neapolitan flavor profile. Mini flowers are even stamped into each wafer for added charm.

The Taste

Cassidy Orr

I have to say I was a bit of a skeptic before I tried it. I'm a die- hard Oreo fan, so the idea of pushing my brand name boundaries was pretty terrifying. The minute the cookie hit my taste buds, though, I was a true Joe Joe's convert. There was absolutely nothing artificial-tasting about the flavors (as I mentioned above, there are even real pieces of fruit inside the filling). The vanilla wafer is a bit too subtle for my liking, but overall, I was blown away by how deliciously each flavor worked together.

#SpoonTip: Try dunking these Joe-Joe's into a tall glass of ice-cold milk for an even better experience.

Where to Get Them

Cassidy Orr

As the name suggests, you can find these babies with the rest of their cosmopolitan cookie collection in the cookie aisle of your local Trader Joe's. For only $2.99 a box, you get Neapolitan perfection that is most definitely worth the trip over (and the minimal funds). 

You can't beat a combination of three of America's greatest flavors stuffed inside a cookie—especially made with the natural flavors that are in Neapolitan Joe Joe's. You should go to Trader Joe's ASAP to try this drool-worthy cookie creation. You owe it to your taste buds, after all.