With the month of March giving hints of warm weather, everyone wants to get outside and bask in the sunlight. What better way to celebrate the start of spring (and be COVID safe) than with an outdoor picnic! Trader Joe’s is popular for its affordable, and quality food items, so we found some delicious on-the-go, shareable items to help reach your dream aesthetic picnic goals. 


To start for refreshing drinks, Trader Joe’s sells an italian soda, which comes in grapefruit and blood orange flavors, in an elegant bottle.

They also have a variety of different flavored sparkling drinks if you're not a fan of citrus. For those 21+, cherry blossom rosé is a perfect choice to match spring weather. 


Rose fingerling potato chips not only sound fancy, but are a great, mess-free snack to bring to a picnic that is also easy to share. Butter waffle cookies are also delicious, and a light delicacy to bring to the picnic. 

To add to the flavor of the taste palette while keeping the fancy aesthetic, truffle macadamia almonds are also sold at Trader Joe’s. We totally recommend these for lovers of truffle fries!


What would a picnic be without a charcuterie board?

Trader Joe’s has all the things you need - dried fruits (mangos, figs, pineapple, etc.), rosemary fig crackers, types of cheeses: caramelized onion cheddar, creamy toscano soaked in syrah, and traditional double cream french brie, just to list a few!

These can be easily served with some (super) fresh French baguette or focaccia with roasted tomato and parmesan from Trader Joes! 

Elisa Kwon


For dessert, buy a beautiful and fluffy Tiramisu Torte which can be conveniently eaten by scooping with wine glasses, as popularized by Tik Tok videos. Trader Joes' also has a Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake for a light and fresh treat.

Macarons, which are both dainty and scrumptious, are also available at Trader Joe’s to make a perfect end to your picnic!


Lastly as a bonus item (though not food), Trader Joe’s sells a variety of beautiful flowers and succulents that will add a lively, decorative touch to your picnic!

With these food (and non-food) items, you can take some aesthetic pictures for Instagram and try a wide sample of some of the best Trader Joe’s items, all while spending time with friends. Happy picnicking!