Living in Florida isn’t wretched (i.e. we have beaches of pure-white sand and The University of Florida), but the 95-degree summers here are more hell than a jumbo-sized grocery store basket can hold. When sweat feels like a shower and hair curls on its own accord, soup is the last thing I want to eat.

However, I would eat soup-flavored crackers. Trader Joe's new Creamy Tomato Soup Crackers provides the gusto of soup without sweating through my tank top. Described as “brown rice and oat crackers seasoned with creamy tomato soup seasoning blend,” these crackers were actually brought to market in early February. 

So What Are These Soup Crackers?

Mackenzie Patel

Trader Joe's wanted to turn “the bowl upside down” and create a gluten-free version of everyone’s favorite comfort food – albeit in a more hardened, less liquid way. The “soup cracker” concept is already familiar to Trader Joe's; last fall, they sold Pumpkin Soup crackers, which were (understandably) a smashing success.

Deciding to go more mainstream, they landed on Tomato Soup as their next flavor and are leaning on its old-timey, childhood appeal for sales. Burnt red and heavily spiced, these crackers come in a 3.5-ounce box and cost roughly $1.99.

Do They Actually Taste Like Tomato Soup?

Mackenzie Patel

This question necessitates a two-part answer. During the first bite of the cracker, when the spice overwhelms and my hands are coated in a fierce, orange dye similar to eating Doritos, it tastes like I’m slurping tomato soup as a child again. I see the Campbell’s soup label clearly over my (as yet un-plucked) unibrow and the hint of paprika surfaces.

But after the first couple of chews, the flavor dissipates and I’m left with a strange aftertaste of dried tomatoes and grain. The cheese made the crackers softer, but it still felt a bit brittle going down the throat. I was surprised at the list of ingredients though – rice flour and tomato powder were expected, but Asiago cheese power wasn’t. Overall, the crackers did resemble tomato soup, but it wasn’t as creamy or “warm” as I thought it would taste. It tastes like, well, a cracker. 

What Can I Pair Them With?

Mackenzie Patel

There’s a reason “cheese and crackers” rolls so easily off the tongue. I paired these crackers with a handful of diced Colby Jack cheese, the softness of the cheese combating the hardness of the cracker. You could always opt for a salad (bringing “soup and a salad” to a whole new dimension), but I’m a cheese gal through and through.

Overall Thoughts On These *Meta* Crackers

Mackenzie Patel

The tomato spice seasoning was potent in a positive way – it’s something I would rub over steak or chicken, but not necessarily a cracker. However, Trader Joe's makes the crackers work through their softer pairings (i.e. cheese) and the appeal of only 120 calories per 13 crackers.

Would I try these crackers again? Maybe, although I would stick them in real creamy tomato soup for a spice overload. Find these crackers at your local Trader Joe's in the cracker aisle next to the wine selections (and yes, wine and crackers do taste sublime).