If you've ever been to Israel, you're familiar with Bamba, which means you're likely already tearing up at the onset of this article. I'm willing to bet your Birthright bus constantly had, like, 4+ bags open on any given day, and it was probably one of the first Israeli snacks you tried. BUT, if you tuned out as soon as I said Bamba, come back. I promise, even if you've never been to Israel, you'll appreciate it. Let me break down the snack of all snacks for you—you'll be happy I did.

*Cue La Bamba as I Break Down Bamba*

Bamba, in the simplest sense, is essentially a glorious, Cheeto Puff-esque snack that has all the things you love about the texture of cheese puffs, hold the cheese, sub peanut butter. It's literally made of just four ingredients: corn grits, peanut paste, palm oil, and salt, so yes, it's totally vegan. It's the snack of all snacks, and it's finally being sold (appropriately) at the grocery store of all grocery stores: Trader Joe's.

Can I Get It Anywhere Else in America Besides TJ's?

For the most part, no. After some research, it seems Target, Walmart, and Amazon are also all aboard the Bamba train, but not every store (re: Target and Walmart) has them available. However, at Trader Joe's, they announced that all stores will be carrying the stuffand in true Trader Joe's fashion, you can get them cheapest there. 

International snacks are the best. (See: Kinder Bueno and Aero Bars, just to name a few), and Bamba is no different. Everyone deserves Israeli peanut butter-flavored puffs, and luckily, Trader Joe's is here once again to answer our prayers. Apparently, they're selling them now, so as soon as you're done reading this article (which is in ~11 words), you can make your way to your nearest Trader Joe's and hurdle your body through the snack aisle.