Pizza fanatics and microwave lovers rejoice over the newest addition to the frozen food aisle, Totino's Mini Snack Bites! 

Totino's are know for their addictive taste and rapid cooking time, going from freezer to table in 60 seconds. Pizza rolls are an affordable product that has rapidly risen to fame as a versatile study or party food and is a hit among the college crowd. A single serving of Totino's original pizza rolls has 6 grams of protein, and is only 220 calories, with Totino's Mini Snack Bites you aren't sacrificing  a thing!

Totino's Mini Snack Bites have the same great taste as their classic counterparts, and are currently available in the flavors pepperoni and combination (sausage and pepperoni in one roll!). If they are not currently available in your area, they will be soon, and at just over 200 calories you can't get a better deal on your pizza needs. Perhaps the best thing about these cheesy delights is their incredible serving size, you can chow down on a whopping 17 of these babies!

To Recap: 

Totino's Mini Snack Bites are:

+ Available in the flavors Pepperoni and Combination 

+ 17 Rolls a Serving

+ 210 - 220 Calories a Serving

+ 6 Grams of Protein a Serving

+ Coming to a freezer near you in June 2018

+ Delicious!!!

Check out the official Totino's website here for any additional information on pizza goodness