On Monday night (don’t judge me, please), I went on a alcoholic voyage — I attempted to chase vodka with just about every liquid that was lying around my apartment. One intense hangover and stomachache later, here are the results.

Pickle Juice


Photo by Brianna Caleri

If you’re never heard of pickle shots, you’re probably having the same reaction everyone has: “Eww, gross! Get it away!”

Try something new and pour some of the excess liquid from that pickle jar into a shot glass. It’s not nearly as disgusting as it sounds and it gets the job done, I promise. Try it out.



Photo by Stephanie Lee

You’d be surprised by how many people get confused when they see a guy in the room biting into a slice of bread each time he has a drink. This chaser option is delicious and there’s plenty of room for creativity here: try whole-grain, cinnamon-raisin, banana bread — it all works!

Pro tip: At every house party there’s a bread drawer somewhere. Find it and enjoy.

Cherry Tomatoes


Photo courtesy of AdeLove

This one’s for all the health nerds. Feeling bloated and disgusting after drinking is all-too-common. Make things a little bit easier on yourself with a shot chaser that’s good for you! For some reason, tomatoes totally kill the burn from most liquors. Pretty rad stuff.

Ranch Dressing


Photo by Brooke Wells

This is another one that might shock some people. It isn’t the most healthy or savory choice, but it’ll quickly put out the fire in your mouth. This might work best if you have some weird ranch-dressing craving.



Gif courtesy of pizzagifs.tumblr.com

Take a shot. Take a bite of pizza. Take a shot. Take a bite of pizza. Repeat until passed out on the floor covered in sauce with a huge smile on your face. The love affair with pizza only grows deeper.

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