Going grocery shopping as a vegan might seem overwhelming, but we're here to fix that. Before you head to Trader Joe's, check out our favorite vegan items!

6) Fruit

Julia Fennell

Whatever your favorite fruit is, Trader Joe's has it all. Trader Joe’s carries whole fruits, such as watermelon, but also pre-sliced, on-the-go options like pineapple chunks for only $3.49!

If you're lucky, you might be able to pick up some of their cotton candy grapes, often only available for a few weeks over the summer. 

5) Chocolate Almond Drinks

Julia Fennell

This incredible chocolate peppermint drink will take you right back to the holiday season, and you’ll never want to leave. This beverage turns your average cup of coffee into a peppermint cup of bliss. While this drink is seasonal, the cocoa almond cashew beverage is available year-round, and is just as delicious as it sounds. 

4) Sriracha Flavored Baked Tofu 

Julia Fennell

If you’re vegan, you’ve probably been asked how you get your protein. Well, TJ's has an answer for you! This tofu has 15g of protein in a serving, and 30g of protein in the whole package! The Sriracha flavor makes it the perfect addition to almost any meal, whether it’s tofu scramble or a stir fry. 

3) Organic Crisp Rice Cereal

Julia Fennell

This cereal gets the perfect balance between a healthy and a delicious treat. Rice cereal may not sound like it belongs on a top-six list, but believe me, it does. This cereal goes perfectly with Trader Joe's brand almond milk, and is only $2.49. While there is cane sugar in this cereal, there are only five ingredients (organic white rice flour, organic cane sugar, water, sea salt, organic malted barley extract), and 0g of fat!  

2) Crunchy Salted Peanut Butter

Julia Fennell

If you’re like me, peanut butter is a daily food! This peanut butter only has two ingredients; dry roasted ingredients and salt.

#Spoontip: Everyone has heard of apples and peanut butter, but blueberries with this peanut butter absolutely tops that. 

1) Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups

The number one Trader Joe’s vegan item you need to try (drum roll please)…. the Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups. These incredible treats come with two cups in a package, and are only $0.99! The salt from the sunflower seed butter goes perfectly with the sweetness from the dark chocolate and will leave you wanting more. You won't want another Reese's Cup after this.