It may not be often that the typical fraternity belonging, video game playing, athletic jersey wearing boy asks a girl out on a date, but it has been done. In the occasion that this boy asks you out on a date, girls—you gotta be ready. 

Ladies are often the ones to stress about what to order on a first date, but what if the tables were turned? I went ahead and did my research—and have no fear ladies—you can now predict what he orders and where he is bringing you on that special first date. According to my research, it is all about one thing: the restaurant.

1. Italian

The number one answer I got back was Italian. It seems to be a hit with the ladies according to college men.

My answers on location ranged from a pizza joint to an authentic, Italian restaurant. According to college guys, nothing is better than splitting a pizza pie with a cute girl. 

2. Coffee

According to the boys, a trip downtown to the nearest Starbucks or local coffee shop is the best way to keep it casual while still proving that they care enough to take you somewhere.

He will most likely order black coffee to seem classy and sophisticated, but girls, don't be afraid to order that skinny vanilla latte if thats what you truly want. 

3. Chinese 

Sadly, many college guys aren't into the physical effort it requires to take a girl out. Because of this, take out was another popular option. 

So, if your man's ideal first date is just to stay in with sweats, he may just suggest cuddling up and eating some chicken and rice with chopsticks straight from the bento box because he's gotta look as authentic as possible.

4. Mexican

I only had one guy say this to me, but since it was said, it must be included. Mexican can be smelly and messy to eat, but not all can afford the luxurious Chipotle.

If he asks you on a lunch date be prepared to order a bowl to avoid the mess. He will probably order in a bowl too because no one wants to have burrito all over their face, not sexy. 

#Spoontip: Bring extra gum.

5. Drinks

Research wasn't really needed to find out that college guys would ask a girl out for drinks. Many guys I asked said they like asking a girl to drinks because it takes the pressure off.

Trust me ladies, he is nervous too. He will most likely order a beer and try to order you a sweet cocktail just to be a gentleman.

To finish off this advice, I would just like to say congratulations if you are one of the few college girls to snag a date! Relax, be yourself, have fun and know exactly what's coming.