It's that time of year, and no, I'm unfortunately not taking about Christmas.  It's finals season and, as any college student knows, it means we'll be spending hours...upon hours, and more hours in the library.  What a lifestyle!  And while being stuck in Case-Geyer for Colgate students might not sound like paradise, take the time this year to treat yourself to some of the best of Hamilton to compliment this wonderful #liblyfe we're all about to dive head first into.  You might not all know it (or maybe do definitely do), but Hamilton has a couple of great delivery systems that hit just the spot when you finally get tired of a eating meals worth of Lib Cafe chocolate croissants (no shame).  

Oliveri's Homey Italian Wedding Soup

Addie Christianson

Not many people know about all the delicious speciality items that Oliveri's have.  Truth is they are much more than the average pizzeria.  Spoon Exec had the chance to taste some of their lesser known menu items and, if you haven't tried anything besides pizza, you are in for a treat.  Their Wedding Soup feels like a taste of home, making it the perfect option for when you need a little extra comfort during finals.  

Good Uncle's BBQ Pulled Pork Homestyle Plate

Addie Christianson

The newest phenomena at Colgate, Good Uncle has truly been good to us.  If you haven't tried them yet, now is the time with their super convenient stop right outside the lib.  The BBQ plate combines literally all of the best comfort foods together with corn bread, mac and cheese and tender juicy meat to power you through your studies.  

Oliveri's Vodka Rigatoni 

Willis Manelski

This is the ultimate treat-ya-self meal (which you all deserve in these hard hard times).  The sauce is indescribably delicious with cheese and prosciutto bacon mixed in.  Oliveri's owner likes to tell people that "we are firm believers in living to eat not eating to live", and this dish encompasses just that.  

Slices' Pizza

Addie Christianson

Good old Slices- everyone's favorite Hamilton establishment.  For pure late night joy and to celebrate a hard day's work, indulge in a delicious cheese (slice. come. plain. only) slice complete with a beautiful cup of ranch or buffalo or whatever odd dipping sauce your heart desires.  

Good Uncle's Salads

Addie Christianson

While we must treat ourselves now and then, finals also needs to be a time to take care of ourselves.  Delivery doesn't have to mean unhealthy eating.  Good Uncle recently released a line of tasty salads.  The California Salad is a favorite with guac, mozzarella, tomatoes and more, while the quinoa side salad is delicious and makes for a healthy library grind snack.  

Oliveri's Fried Apple Pie Rolls

Willis Manelski

You know how I said treat yourself?  Well you need this amazing desert after (and before) you crush that chem final.  Freshly fried to perfection, these pipping hot rolls come complete with a caramel sauce for dipping and plenty of crunchy goodness.  Oliveri's delivers all of their food right to wherever you are, and because there are a lot in an order, they make for a perfect treat to share.  

So go ahead and live your best lib life!  You can easily order Oliveri's and Slices by phone, and you're just one tap away from your Good Uncle order with their super convenient app.  All three deliver directly to the lib!