D-Hall Food, An Overview

Coming into JMU as a new Duke, it can be overwhelming going into our dining hall and knowing what to get. It can even be overwhelming for long-time Dukes. From pizza to Asian cuisine, the list goes far and wide for D-Hall. Not only that, but there are specials each night that are must-haves, including their desserts. In this article, I am here to provide you with some of my personal favorites at our dining hall to help you in choosing your own meal.

Top Five D-Hall Food Choices

1. Buffalo Mash

To start us off, I would like to make an ode to our very own special that is served every Friday. 'Buff Mash', as I like to call it, is chicken tenders and mashed potatoes topped with ranch dressing and buffalo sauce. As simple as this meal seems, it is one of the best foods I have ever had in my life. Every Friday, I am in D-Hall waiting for my serving; a day I look forward to all week long. If I could have it every day for every meal, I would! This is a meal you need to try at least once while at JMU. I promise, you will not regret it!

2. Pizza

Next, is the pizza at D-Hall. Not only do they have simple cheese, but each day they have a special kind you can venture to try. Such an OG food but good at it's core, you can't go wrong getting the pizza here. It is the perfect ratio of cheese, sauce, and dough; it'll have you wanting the whole pizza. There are also breadsticks that are to die for--in my opinion--that pair perfectly with some pizza.

3. Chicken Tenders

Another go-to of mine is the chicken tenders. It isn't just tenders that are available, but chicken sandwiches, both fried or grilled, with an option of fries or tater tots on the side. This chicken is so crispy and what you would imagine if you were to think of the absolute perfect chicken tender. Not to mention the array of sauces that are to your disposal that you can douse your chicken in. However you want your chicken, you can have it!

4. Omelet

If you're in the mood for some breakfast, D-Hall has you covered! Aside from the classic breakfast of pancakes and eggs, sometimes D-Hall will make omelets that leave you thinking about them for the rest of the day. You can customize what's in it and it's ready in mere minutes. It is so cheesy and gooey, it's the perfect balance of it all!

5. Soft Serve

Last, but certainly not least, is the dessert at D-Hall. The first time I walked into the dining hall and laid my eyes onto the ice cream machine, I couldn't believe my eyes. I had never once thought that there would be a literal machine for ice cream here. As an avid ice cream enthusiast, I made my way over and tried it, finding it to be the best ice cream I've had in so long. There is even a choice of either frozen yogurt, ice cream, or dairy free, all equally good as the next. The desserts here are all amazing, but at the end of each meal, there is no doubt that I will be getting an ice cream cone.

Now, most likely if you go to D-Hall and get something not mentioned here, you'll love it as much as I love these choices. These are just some choices that I hold near and dear to my heart, which I hope can help you along your journey of D-Hall. If you do want to put my list to the test, an easy way to see what D-Hall is serving at any given time, just click this link and you can stay up to date. All I do ask of you though is to try the Buffalo Mash!