Baseball season is coming soon! Spring and summer are the best time for outdoor snacking. So, any winter weight that you just worked off is about to be regained in a good way! Food, glorious baseball food. Friday night games when you sing goofy songs and try to catch fly balls. It's time to "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"...and the concession stand!

Top 5 Ballpark Foods: 

Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Jacks

popcorn, corn, caramel, cereal, kettle corn, butter, sweet, salt
Chelsea Hawk

While peanuts and Cracker Jacks are the classic, there are plenty of popcorn options at most ball parks.  And of course, in Iowa, especially at a Kernels game, there should always be plenty of popcorn! My favorite is fresh Amy's Kettlecorn at the Twins' games.

This might be the best bet if you're looking for a low cal, healthy snack.  Though many of the options may not really be low cal.

Hot Dogs

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Sam Jesner

An All-American food. If not a Ball Park frank, try a Chicago style hot dog. Wrigley Field is known for their Wrigley Dog.  Did you know that Wrigley Field had the first concession stands? 

I'll admit though, I prefer a good, greasy burger! At Twins games there are fabulous Red Cow sliders and French fries. Simply delicious!


sweet, chocolate, pie, cake, pastry
Casey Irwin

While it might not seem like a classic baseball food, when in Chicago you need a little deep dish.  I'm a Cubs fan, and at Wrigley Field, I love the Giordano's deep dish Chicago style pizza.

Cheesy Pretzel

bagel, pretzel
Vienna Terrell

An instant classic no matter where you are… and if you don’t like cheese it’s amazing just plain.

Ice Cream

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Josi Miller

Ice Cream is always a great way to end a beautiful spring or summer day at the ballpark.  There are usually plenty of options, like soft-serve twist cones, a sundae in a plastic ball helmet, or the old fashioned malt cup.  My favorite is  Izzy's ice cream at Twins games - either hand scooped or soft-serve.

Of course you'll have to wash it down.  So, how about a nice cold beer?  There are always plenty of good sometimes overpriced choices at a ball game.  Did you know that the Kernels have their own Kernels Pale Ale?

No matter which field you're at, or which team you're rooting for enjoy the warm spring and summer sunshine, and, Go Cubs Go!