Time to break out the flower headbands and head to the desert for one of the biggest 3-day music festivals in the world. Once again, Coachella is upon us, and this past week the biggest and best lineup was released. No, not the artist lineup… The food and beverage lineup. So whether it’s a snack in between sets, or a dessert after a late night of dancing, these are the top 7 things that you have to try at Coachella this year.

1. Milky Bun from After’s Ice Cream

Milky bun party!!!

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A warm glazed donut filled with an oozing, delicious ice cream of your choice. With flavors ranging from their famous blue, Oreo-filled Cookie Monster to their smooth and creamy Jasmine Milk Tea, need I say more?

2. Blueberry Donut from Pepples Donut Farm

The donut queen is satisfied. ??? #vegan #vegandonuts #pepplesdonuts #sanfrancisco #donutqueen

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Worried that dietary restrictions will keep you from experiencing all the incredible treats that Coachella has to offer? Fear not! Pepples Donut Farm from Oakland, California is serving up their famous vegan and organic donuts. Their blueberry donut features the freshest and sweetest blueberries from Oregon. Whether you’re vegan or not, these are donuts you’ll have to taste for yourself.

3. Bourbon Bacon S’more from Mallow Mallow


Photo courtesy of Mallow Mallow

Who can say no to a perfectly toasted, gooey marshmallow stuck between two graham crackers with decadent melting chocolate? Let’s be real — the Bacon Bourbon S’more will be the only breakfast you’ll need when you get to the fairgrounds. (I mean, you weren’t going to have bacon and bourbon separately anyways, right?)

4. Juan and Only Burger from GD Burger Bro

Another fantastic visit to @gdbroburger in #santaana This Juan and Only really woke up my taste buds.

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If you’re craving something meaty and filling at the festival, head straight over to GB Burger Bro’s. Their Juan and Only Burger comes piled high with spicy jalapeño cream cheese, flavor-filled pico de gallo, and creamy avocado chipotle mayo. You can even add a fried egg on top for extra deliciousness. Not enough you say? They’ll even let you add fried mozzarella sticks on top. Their burgers all served on a mouth-watering fire engine red bun, colored with real raspberries.

5. “Build Your Own Bowl” from Sweetfin Poke


Photo courtesy of Sweetfin Poke

Lately, poke has been all the rage. Poke is a classic Hawaiian appetizer of raw fish mixed with spices, soy sauce, and green onions. With stores popping up all over the United States, this is a trend you have to take part in. Where better to try it than the land of the trendiest fashion, artists, and foods? Sweetfin Poke goes above and beyond by letting you pick the base of your bowl, the fish of your choice, and any toppings or extras you desire!

6. Filet Mignon Jerky from Three Jerks Jerky

Have all your celeb sightings left you craving an upscale snack fit for the stars? If the filet mignon at the nearest steakhouse is out of your price range, head over to the Three Jerks Jerky stand for some salty, tender, and juicy filet mignon jerky. This snack will satisfy your cravings and keep your wallet happy too!

7. Spicy Ramen with Vegan Egg from Ramen Hood


Photo courtesy of Ramen Hood

This is by no means your typical college dorm room ramen. Ramen Hood’s ramen dishes, including their popular Spicy Ramen, are all completely vegan. If the Coachella weather and desert sun aren’t hot enough for you, heat things up with this spicy and creamy broth. Everything is 100% vegan — even the egg!

So get out there and enjoy the music, the fashion, and most importantly, the food.