You will find a lot of bakeries around campus, but Dangee Dums gives you a lot of choices and the taste trumps most other cakes. Going all the way to Infocity and not getting the work done in Bhaijipura is worth it. Here are the six best cakes you could get from Dangee Dums: 

6. The Blueberry Cheese Cake

This cake is a beautiful medley of cheesecake garnished with blueberries, white chocolate and dark chocolate. This is a must for cheesecake lovers. It could have made it higher in the list,  but not everyone likes cheesecake, which is why it's number six. It is one of the most expensive cakes that Dangee Dums serves (1100/- per kg). Also, it has to be ordered 24 hours prior to the time of delivery.

5. Death by Chocolate Cake

This English Toffee cake is completely filled with chocolate ganache that is soft inside and hard on the outside. It is drizzled with caramel sauce and has butterscotch crunchies in it. These butterscotch crunchies are the only reason it has been ranked lower than its fellow chocolate mates. It should have been named Death by Butterscotch instead. It will cost you 380/- (500 gm).

4. The Red Velvet Cake

Next up in the line at Number four is The Classic Red Velvet Cake. Though I have had better Red Velvet cakes, this one is a great attempt at the original one too. Red Velvet cake has to be made very tender; it has to be moist and fluffy and that is essentially where Dangee Dums lacks a little i.e. the texture of this cake. This is the only reason this cake has to be placed at Number four. It will cost you 920/- (750 gms.).

3. Trilogy

My love and obsession for chocolate and Dangee Dums' amazing chocolate desserts have made me give all the top 3 positions to cakes which have chocolate as the major ingredient. Trilogy is a basic multi-layered sponge cake, which has hazelnuts, chocolate crackle in it that makes it soft and crunchy simultaneously. It is also economical when compared to the other cakes in the list, it will cost you 750/- per kg.

2. Chocolate Praline

If you can't beat your chocolate urge, indulge yourself in this fairly sinful cake which is extremely high on chocolate flavour. It could have easily made it to number one but it's a little overly sweet for some people (for me it's not). It is one of the best chocolate cakes you will ever have which makes it worth its price i.e. 920/- per kg.

1. Belgium Truffle

Who on Earth doesn't love chocolate? Belgium Chocolate is the signature chocolate cake which has to be ranked number one in the list. It leaves behind all the other desserts of Dangee Dums to get to number one because it's genuinely the best. This delicious cake will cost you 460/- (500 gm) which is not pricey at all. This cake is one thing that boosts up your energy level and lifts up your mood without any doubt. Hands down, this is the softest cake and will melt in your mouth as soon as you eat it.