Here are the Top 5 Thanksgiving foods for this holiday season, ranked first to last!

1. Mashed Potatoes 

Creamy, buttery and maybe even cheesy... Mashed potatoes are the definite winner of the Thanksgiving game. I remember as a kid, having half of my plate dedicated to mashed potatoes. Then, I would make a gravy pool in the mashed potatoes and worked so hard during the meal to keep the mashed potato walls stable as I took little bites. 

Check out these Creamy PARMESAN Cheese Mashed Potatoes from Melissa Stadler @modern_honey!

2. Pumpkin Pie

         Though there are sooo many delicious Thanksgiving desserts, Pumpkin Pie is the classic and obviously the best. Throw some vanilla ice-cream and loads of whipped cream for the perfect sweet treat at the end of the meal! Then, hit the coach for the perfect Thanksgiving nap.   

3. Turkey

        This huge bird makes thanksgiving possible, one 10 pound turkey means a thanksgiving meal for 10-15 people! The turkey enables groups of bot friends and family to come together and share a meal and enjoy each others company. Not to forget that turkey is delicious! Sorry to the ham lovers out there but that will come at Christmas time

turkey, meat
Sydney Segal

4. Stuffing

       In-the-bird or out-of-the-bird? My Family has picked sides, so we have both. My personal favorite is out of the bird, bagged or boxed, I don't care as long as it has some crunch with a perfect pairing taste to the turkey

5. Gravy 

       Last but not least, the perfect condiment! Gravy goes with just about every Thanksgiving entree, throw it on your stuffing, turkey, mashed potatoes, and even corn! I'm not going to say throw it on any green bean casserole or Mac and cheese and definitely not any desserts. Real question is Homemade or Canned? I'm a Homemade Gravy girl through and through, I usually am the one whisking flour into the pot of the miscellaneous turkey juices. 

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