If your Instagram feed consists of mainly pictures posted by your friends and random food porn, you are not alone. Some of our local favorite restaurants and bars in Oxford have caught wind of this trend and are now posting their good eats and specials on IG, with some even updating on the daily. These are the top 5 Ox-Vegas food and bar accounts you ought to give a follow ASAP.

5. 45 East Bar and Grill


Photo courtesy of @45eastoxfordoh on Instagram

What we love about 45 is it’s always a safe bet. They’re consistent, centrally located and pretty much are guaranteed to hit the spot. On Instagram they are rocking over 475 followers and utilize the media to showcase their drink specials and an occasional dinner plate pic. With The Hatch in the cellar and Club Decibel being upstairs, they could be posting more drink specials for all three of these bars, but for now, they are still worth giving a follow.

4. Kofenya Coffee House


Photo courtesy of @kofenyacoffee on Instagram

Everyone’s favorite local coffee shop, Kofenya, is low key killing it on IG. In their bio they have a link to an NPR article about their token-based pay it forward program- as if they weren’t cool enough already. With over 700 followers, we see them posting pretty much every week. Leave it to Kofenya to make their barista posts artsy AF. If you aren’t one of their 700 followers, do yourself a favor and join the movement!

3. Spoon University- Miami University


Photo courtesy of @spoon_miamiu on Instagram

Lol. Self-promotion is kosher, right? On the real and with all bias aside, we are kind of killing it in town with over 2200 followers as far as local food IG accounts are concerned. Shoot us a follow and tag us for a feature on our page!

2. Oxford Doughnut Shoppe



Photo courtesy of @oxforddoughnutshoppe on Instagram

You already know what it is. For starters Mr. Jack, who makes these amazing doughnuts, is one of the greatest people in all of Oxford. He alone will make your day. Your day will get even better if you actually manage to get to the shop before he sells out of the doughnuts. You seriously have to get there before 9am on some days in order to walk out a winner. Oxford Doughnut Shoppe involves its followers on Insta. Asking people to vote and essentially pick March’s flavor of the month. On March 1 they announced the doughnut of the month as Oreo Overload Doughnut. Good thing Spring Break is this month, too. With over 830 followers and weekly postings, Oxford Doughnut Shoppe has one of the better IG accounts in town.

1. Bodega Delicatessen


Photo courtesy of @bodegaoxford on Instagram

La Bodega is coming out of this list at number one solely because they totally get how to utilize Instagram as a marketing strength. Also, because they have amazing homemade food, but mainly because of their wavy marketing skills. With the exception of a few days a month, and trust us on this because we are avid followers, they are posting their daily soups and specials. When their under $7 panini specials pop up on IG you can be sure to see me there.  Combined with their interior remodel, this Instagram account has practically transformed Bodega into a new deli, except the spicy mac still tastes the same and TG for that (for an at-home spicy mac recipe, check out this how to). Throw Bodega a follow, you absolutely will not be disappointed, and let’s hope other restaurants uptown can catch wind of this strategy and follow Bodega’s trend setting ways.