Too lazy or too busy to leave the room to get food? Hate waiting in long lines to get your meal? Tired of eating the same dining hall food all year long? Here's a roundup of free food apps that are going to change your college dining experience. 

1. Tapingo

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Shizuka Tei

Once you download the app, select the university you attend to be registered with all of the dining stations and cafes on campus. The list of locations you can order food from even includes off campus restaurants and cafes that have partnered with Tapingo around your school. You have the option to place an order to pickup or depending on the restaurant, it can even be delivered to your residential hall.

2. DoorDash

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Shizuka Tei

DoorDash is a delivery app that has an array of restaurants. Whether it be your go-to fast food place, underrated Mom and Pop restaurants, or even big chain restaurants, the list has all types of cuisines you could think of. Each restaurant sets their own delivery fee but the most places charge between $3-$7; some places even provide free delivery! Though the delivery wait is usually quite long, you can definitely use the time to finish that last page of the essay or take a trip to the gym. 

Similar apps to download: Postmates, UberEATS, Grubhub

3. Yelp

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Shizuka Tei

Yelp is great for when you want to look up restaurant reviews and find restaurants that serve your current cravings. This app sets a profile for the restaurant where it even provides the address, phone number, and other business information. Many Yelp users also include videos and pictures of the food and menus so you can definitely avoid those awkward oh-shoot-I'm-not-feeling-this-place moments when you end up visiting the restaurant. Don't forget to bookmark restaurants you haven't tried yet and hit the "Check In" button to let your friends know you're eating well.

4. OpenTable

Shizuka Tei

This app makes deciding where to eat and making reservations a smooth process. Restaurants are categorized by recommendations, cuisines, types of events and dining experiences, as well as the location. OpenTable provides business information and ratings for reach restaurant to help narrow down selections. For each reservation made through OpenTable, you earn Dining Points, which you can collect and save for special reservations. Try using OpenTable the next time you want to throw a nice birthday dinner!

5. Starbucks

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Shizuka Tei

When coffee is a necessity for a college student, the Starbucks app will help all students get their caffeine fix. You will automatically become a Starbucks rewards member when you download the app and you can collect "stars" with every purchase. As an entry level, one is placed in the "Green Level" where you can get free birthday rewards, free in-store refills, and even special member events and offers. The more stars you collect the more benefits come with your membership and you can even reach the "Gold Level" once you have 300 stars or more. Once you have customized your order, place it at the desired Starbucks location for you to pick up. 

As college students, we're so busy with making deadlines, preparing for interviews, and planning our life together that we forget to make our health a priority; we often end up skipping meals or eat unhealthily. Downloading these free food apps will help you explore more restaurants while making your dining experience convenient and efficient.