Sunday mornings are a busy time for UF students. As the last day of freedom until the Monday morning blues hit, hungover college students are most likely debating where they wanna get breakfast to get rid of the consequences of Saturday night binge drinking. Argue no more, students of UF. I've gathered a succinct compilation of the best breakfast places around Gainesville to help you make a quick decision on where to shovel greasy carbs into your maw.

43rd Street Deli

Chicken and waffles is the best Sunday morning hangover cure, and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. However, 43rd Street Deli went a step further and introduced me to the wonders of chicken and FRENCH TOAST. I've yet to decide which is better, but both are sure to satisfy those greasy cravings you have when you are not so hung over that you're nauseous, but just hung over enough.

Flying Biscuit

One of the most eclectic places to eat in Gainesville, there is always a line of people outside of the Flying Biscuit on Sunday mornings - and for good reason. The food here is amazing, whether you choose their aptly named "Heavenly French Toast" or a simple "Flying Biscuit Breakfast." Whatever you do, make sure you put some of their signature cranberry apple butter on your biscuits.

Keke's Breakfast Cafe

Darya Molibog

French toast and pancakes and waffles, oh my! Keke's is the place to go if you wake up with your head pounding and a need for those sweet, sweet carbohydrates. Also, I have three words if you need a little convincing to make this your hangover cure of choice: stuffed french toast. It's like regular french toast, but stuffed, and the selection of stuffed french toast is what makes Keke's one of the best breakfast places around Gainesville. Pictured above is the Turtle Stuffed French Toast with pecans, caramel, chocolate and cream cheese.

Metro Diner

Metro Diner is an establishment that makes customers feel like a community. Their portions are enormous, and the food comes out quick for those pesky hangry hangovers. The Jacksonville location of Metro Diner was featured on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives" for its own fantastic stuffed french toast and its famous meatloaf platter for those who prefer lunch over breakfast.

Peach Valley Cafe

Brianna Ellis

Another contender for best chicken and waffles, Peach Valley serves their waffles with blueberry butter and chicken with a spicy kick to it. This small restaurant is a hidden gem right off of SW 34th Street. They even bottle their own onion and peach pepper sauce, which is an eccentric but fantastic addition to most of their menu items.