Finding time to sit and enjoy a well-planned out meal can be tough to come by. In today’s fast-paced world, it's hard enough to even find time to sit. And for a college student, it’s even harder. Friends, class, commitments, exercise, parties, rinse, repeat. FOMO is real, and it hurts.  

It's all about multi-tasking for today’s students. What we have become best at (besides flaunting that latest Snap filter) is doing everything we possibly can with our headphones in, including eating. Because of this social trend, here is a list of what you should be eating while rocking out to the latest Top 40 hit.  

Frozen Pizza & "Cold Water" by Justin Bieber, ft. Major Lazer

“I’ll be your lifeline tonight.” – Frozen Pizza 

Isn’t it strange how much the croons and soothes of Frozen Pizza sound like a more mature "I’m reaching my mid-twenties and dying my hair blond like I’m twelve" Bieber? A Top 40 song from an artist that actually means something. When getting home in the wee hours of the morning, after you spent the last four hours bouncing between attempting to get into a frat party and running into people from your econ class who you usually don’t speak to, but still somehow became your best friends for the night, there is no better greeting than from a frozen pizza.  

The transition of cheese from frozen to melted coincides nicely with you changing into your pajamas from your going-out clothes. A lifeline is what it is, not only because it's the snack you need to help cool you down before bed, but because it allows you time to shower while your oven preheats. The cheesier the better, especially with a full glass of cold water to help it go down. 

Guacamole & "One Dance" by Drake

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While Drake whines and dines about needing one more dance, you should be snacking away, grips on your chips one more time before you go... into that guacamole. Guac, like Drake the last few years, has gone from little known treat to taking over the world. Strength and guidance is what you will need as you try to pull yourself from the wonders that encompass each and every bite of guacamole.  

As you dig deeper and deeper into the bowl, and as your chips become more and more crumby, mix in a little bit of salsa, and welcome the title of OG as you enjoy OT. And if you run out of chips — the humanity — do not be afraid to use the excess guac on anything, literally anything. 

Chipotle & "Closer" by the Chainsmokers, ft. Halsey

Chipotle, I was doing just fine before I met you, now I eat too much and that’s an issue, but it’s okay. Whether it’s bowls or burritos, you can never go wrong. Waiting in line can sometimes cause problems, but upon being asked brown or white rice and seeing the slew of options down the line, your inhibitions have gone by the wayside. You can’t stop, no you can’t stop.  

Listening along to the Chainsmokers' patented drop, just before Halsey comes on and slows your vibe, it's fully acceptable to bob your head to the beat, hoping that your face isn’t covered in sour cream. You ain’t never getting older — well, at least not while you’re enjoying this beautiful moment.  

Whether you're grabbing a quick bite to go or looking for relief after that long night out, music is there to assist you. So continue to rock out with your guac out, and enjoy some Top 40 tunes while snacking away.