Your last exam is finally over. Stauffer library is nothing but a distant memory now. All your notes are shoved in the bottom of your recycling bin. So what now? If you're like me and have a few days to waste before going home for the summer, look no further than this list of things to do in Kingston!

1. Celebrate with a Boozy Brunch

Personally, the first thing I need to celebrate the end of exams is a strong drink. If you're above the legal drinking age, go feel fancy with a Pan Chancho mimosa and some delicious brunch to kick off the beginning of the summer. 

2. Look Artsy at the Agnes

The Agnes Etherington Art Centre may be between exhibits right now, but they are still displaying "Log Cabin: A Canadian Quilt" in the building on campus. Head over to the Agnes when you have an hour to spare and take in some culture.

3. Go on a Breathtaking Cruise

If you truly want to do something unique in your last few days in Kingston, a 1000 Island Cruise is the way to go. The city, and especially the waterfront, is breathtaking in the spring. You can take a simple cruise around the water, or opt for the slightly more bougie lunch cruise if you really feel fancy.

4. Get Buzzed at Stone City Ales

After the stress of exams, you deserve a treat for all your hard work. Stone City Ales has some of the best food and drinks in Kingston (including vegan options). Bring some friends and chow down. If you're impervious to the chilly breeze, their patio is already open for the season and provides the perfect place to people-watch as you eat.

5. Breathe the Fresh Air at Rock Dunder

I don't know about you, but after living in Stauffer for two weeks straight, the one thing on my bucket list is being outside. If you have access to a car, Rock Dunder is only a short drive away. As you can tell, the hike leads to a gorgeous view. Even though the trail officially opens in May, you can still hike there now.

6. Take One Last Insta at Martello Alley

Martello Alley is one of the classic Instagram spots in Kingston, and for good reason. This hidden alleyway off of Wellington street downtown is an outdoor gallery for Kingston's local art scene. A lot of the paintings are even sold as prints, so you can take home a souvenir too. 

7. Shop at the Kingston Market

The Kingston Market may be a skating rink in the winter, but as the ice thaws, local vendors set up tents and sell their produce and wares. It's the perfect spot to buy a basket of fruit to snack on or some ingredients to make a tasty homemade dinner with.

8. Have a Beer on Wolfe Island

I'm always surprised by how many students in Kingston haven't visited Wolf Island yet. The island is a short (and free) ferry ride away and drops you off in the middle of town. From here, you can grab a drink at the Wolfe Island Grill, or rent a bike and explore the winding roads and farmlands of the island.

9. Make New Friends at Lemoine Point

This conservation area is a short bus ride or drive from campus, and has some of the friendliest animals I have ever met. Visiting this trail is one of my favourite things to do in Kingston. Bring some birdseed or nuts and be prepared to have flocks of birds flitting down to perch on your hand and accept some snacks!

10. Catch a Flick at the Screening Room

Want to see a movie without trekking out to the big Cineplex theatre? The Screening Room downtown is affordable, comfortable, and boasts a surprisingly large collection of ever-changing films to see. On top of the usual popcorn and drinks, you can even buy a cup of tea in a mug to sip during the movie.

With this list of things to do in Kingston, you have no excuse not to have fun after your exams are over. Enjoy your time in Kingston before you leave, because you know you'll be missing this incredible city when you're home in the summer.